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Two gentlemen of verona



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The two gentlemen of verona
The two gentlemen of verona
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Two gentlemen of verona

  1. 1. Two Gentlemen Of Verona By A . J. Cronin
  2. 2. City Of Verona  Verona is situated near the river Adige in Veneto, Northern Italy with 265,000 inhabitants.  It is the second largest municipality in the region and third in Northeast Italy.  Owing to its artistic culture, it is one of the main tourist attractions in Northern Italy.  UNESCO has awarded this city as “A World Heritage Site” because of its urban structure and Architecture.
  3. 3. Map Of Italy Flag Of Verona City Of Verona Statue Of Dante Alighieri in Verona Verona Arena
  4. 4. Summary of A . J . Cronin’s Two Gentlemen Of Verona  An inspirational and touching story of Jacopo and Nicola, two brothers aged 12 and 13 who do odd jobs and live a hard life in the city of Verona, Italy.  A J Cronin uses the title of William Shakespeare’s famous play, ‘The Two Gentlemen of Verona’ in an ironic manner  His portrayal of these modern “gentlemen” of Verona re-defines the concept of what it means to be a gentleman  The two brothers wage a daily fight against extreme poverty, and deprivation, to sustain and treat their elder sister Lucia who is suffering from tuberculosis of the spine.  Cronin shows us that one may polish boots or sell newspapers, but it is the magnanimity of the heart, and the nobleness of purpose, that actually determines whether one is a true “gentleman”.
  5. 5.  Written in the first person it presents a humanist point of view where; the strength and nobility of the human spirit, the effervescence and innocence of youth are symbolized through the characters of Nicola and Jacopo.  Unperturbed by the ragged nature of their appearance; impressed by their sincerity and willingness to work hard, the man engages the two boys to run errands for him.  Once, he chances upon them at night, sitting on a pavement, waiting to board a bus to sell the last lot of their newspapers.  Seeing their distraught appearance he offers his help, and the younger one asks him if they could be dropped to a village in the countryside.  On visiting the village he witnesses a poignant scene between the two brothers and their ailing sister Lucia.  He is amazed by their unfazed childish faith in themselves and their hope of securing a happy future for their family.
  6. 6. SETTING  Verona, Italy  Poleta – 30 KMs from Verona where Lucia’s hospital is situated. TITLE:  Nicola and Jacopo are children of 13 & 12 years of age respectively.  They have gentlemen-like qualities.  They consider no work to be menial.  They do all sorts of odd jobs to meet the expenses of their sister’s treatment.  They do all jobs with great sense of integrity.  It is the magnanimity of heart and the nobleness of purpose that actually determines whether one is a true “gentleman”.  Title matches one of Shakespeare’s early plays which makes this story sounds all the more important.
  7. 7. Piazza delle Erbe Piazza dei Signori The Lamberti Tower Juliet’s Balcony A Few More Famous Places Of Verona Roman Theatre and Archaeological Museum Duomo di Verona Castelvecchio Juliet’s Tomb Madonna Verona Juliet’s Statue
  8. 8. Summary Of Shakespeare’s Two Gentlemen Of Verona CHARACTERS:  Valentine- young man living in Verona  Proteus- Valentine’s closest friend  Silvia- a girl who falls in love with Valentine in Milan  Julia- a girl who loves Proteus in Verona  Duke of Milan- Silvia’s father  Lucetta- Julia’s waiting woman  Antonio- Proteus’ father  Thurio- foolish rival of Valentine for Silvia  Eglamour- aids in Silvia’s escape  Speed- clownish servant to Valentine  Lance- the like to Proteus  Panthino- Antonio’s servant  Outlaws
  9. 9.  Bosom buddies Valentine and Proteus bid a tearful farewell on a street in Verona. Valentine is off to improve himself, venturing out to see the world, while Proteus stays home in Verona, tied by his love for Julia. After Valentine departs, his servant, Speed, enters. Proteus inquires whether or not Speed delivered a letter to Julia, to which Speed replies affirmatively. Julia, meanwhile, asks her maid, Lucetta, with which man she should fall in love, and Lucetta recommends Proteus. Lucetta admits that she has a letter for Julia from Proteus. After much bickering, Julia tears up the letter, only to regret this act an instant later.
  10. 10.  Antonio decides to send Proteus, his son, to the Duke's court in Milan, a decision with which neither Proteus nor Julia is particularly happy. They exchange rings and promises to keep loving each other. Meanwhile, Valentine has fallen in love with the Duke's feisty daughter, Silvia. When Proteus arrives at court, he too falls in love with Silvia, and vows to do anything he can to win her away from Valentine. Silvia
  11. 11. When Valentine confesses that he and Silvia plan to elope, Proteus notifies the Duke of their plans, gaining favor for himself and effecting Valentine's banishment from court. Back in Verona, Julia has hatched a plan to disguise herself as a man so that she can journey to Milan to be reunited with Proteus. Upon arriving at court, she witnesses Proteus and Thurio wooing Silvia. Valentine Rescuing Silvia from Proteus
  12. 12.  The banished Valentine, while traveling to Mantua, is apprehended by a group of outlaws. The outlaws, all of whom are banished gentlemen as well, demand Valentine to become their king. Since they threaten to kill him if he refuses, Valentine accepts. Silvia and Julia, who is disguised as the page Sebastian, meet when Julia delivers the ring Proteus had given her to Silvia on behalf of Proteus. Julia does not reveal her identity.
  13. 13. Silvia calls on her friend Sir Eglamour to help her escape her father's oppressive will (he wants her to marry Thurio) and to find Valentine. However, while traveling through the forest, she and Eglamour are overtaken by a band of outlaws. Eglamour runs away, leaving Silvia to fend for herself against the outlaws. By this time, the Duke, Proteus, and Thurio, with Sebastian/Julia in tow, have organized a search party for Silvia.
  14. 14.  Proteus wrests Silvia away from the outlaws. Valentine watches the interaction unseen. Proteus demands that Silvia give him some sign of her favor for freeing her, but she refuses. He tries to rape her for her resistance, but Valentine jumps out and stops him. Proteus immediately apologizes, and Valentine offers to give him Silvia as a token of their friendship. At this moment, Sebastian faints and his true identity becomes clear. Proteus decides that he really loves Julia better than Silvia, and takes her instead. The Duke realizes that Thurio is a thug and says that Valentine is far nobler and can marry Silvia. Valentine asks for clemency for the outlaws, and suggests that his marriage to Silvia and Proteus' marriage to Julia should take place on the same day.