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Factory Management

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Managing Buyer (Order Booking/ Invoicing), Vender (P.O / Store Receipt), Stock (Finish Goods / Raw Material / Scrap with Cause), Production Planning, Shortage of stock on each stage, Marketing, Support after sale ( Servicing, Sale of Semi finish goods and raw material, Report (Tax wise, Product Wise, Buyer Wise & Bill Wise), Invoicing (With Transport detail, Serial No generation, Tax & Other Charges) and a huge number of report covering the buyer order to delivery and support after sale.

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Factory Management

  2. 2. User Login Form
  3. 3. Main Form with menu File / Production Planning / Marketing / Service / Invoice / Report
  4. 4. Current stock of the finish product.
  5. 5. Today Production i.e. Distributaries of Work to Labors
  6. 6. Buyer order Booking
  7. 7. Bill of Material and Root of the project.
  8. 8. Office / Factory expense
  9. 9. Production Planning menu with Production Planning / Material Issue & Receive / Purchase Order to Vender / Store Receipt / Job Work Send & Receive / Today Finish Production
  10. 10. Planning Control to issue work to supervisor, calculate the shortage of Stock of raw material and issue the raw material for particular work.
  11. 11. Purchase Order to Vender as per shortage of raw material with urgent & further facility.
  12. 12. Receive of stock as per purchase order and without purchase order As on purchase order on phone.
  13. 13. Job work issue & receive Note : it is also describe with extra feature in the last slide.
  14. 14. Addition of finish product from factory end.
  15. 15. Marketing menu with New enquiry & Report of enquiry for further discussion.
  16. 16. Entry of new enquiry. Here you Can also get that you had receive any Enquiry from this company in your record.
  17. 17. Status report of the enquiry from a particular company and All enquiry within a particular date range.
  18. 18. Service menu with Visit / Sale / Report Option
  19. 19. Visit of technical person in support after sale.
  20. 20. Sale of semi finish products and parts to the customer.
  21. 21. Report of sale of semi finish products.
  22. 22. Invoicing facility
  23. 23. Invoicing with Transportation / Consignee other then buyer / Other Charges / Insurance / Fright / CST / VAT
  24. 24. Reports on : Stock of raw material , Scrap & Finish Product / Raw material at reorder point, Buyer and vender order, store receipt, Job work Issue & Receive, Invoicing, Product Manufacturing Report, Factory Report (As per Labour & As per Product) , Daily Stock release, Item Reject during Production.
  25. 25. With this form we can receive the stock and send it to buyer, Factory for processing Vender with SRV, Job Work and Sampling.
  26. 26. Thanking You. Katyayni Info Solutions (P) Ltd. Vikas Kumar +91-9811864528 [email_address]