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Experimental Report Copy

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Experimental Report Copy

  1. 1. THE ULTIMATE PllRPOSE 0F GATHERING DATA é Al)QJ-J>(J'lO5l®(OO conducted via survey monkey to determine the pT'OClUCES 80% more .0-18 I19—3o I31—44 I45—54 I55—1oo compared to other age frequency of using CALBULATIUNS BIINFIDENBE INTERVAL tobacco products among 1_PrOpZ-rest Sample Size: 25 different age groups. Our hypothesis is as follows: P0. 80 Observed Proportion: 10% X; '1'o Confidence Level: 80% OUR HYPOTHESIS children and young N: 25 In Southern West adults between the ages K ‘ A ‘ A <| =>o Confidence Interval: Virginia, a survey was 0-18 use tobacco 0 cm :7.69 We are 80% confident that the confidence intervals ranging from Range for the true popmation 2.31% to 17.69% captures the true proportion; parameter for_ the age group 0-18 In 231% to 17_69% regards to using tobacco products more often than another other age 40 + ( 78)(O 10) group. NULL AND ALTERNATE HYPOTHESES H0: p = .80 Ha: p < .80 H0 (“ullli Significance value: .05 children and young adults between the ages 0-18 use tobacco products 80% more than other age groups Ha (alternate): children and young adults between the ages 0-18 use tobacco products 80% less than other age groups I 0-18 I 19-30 I 31-44 I 45-54 I 55-100 BIJNBLIJSITIN There is strong evidence to conclude that parameter is significantly higher than PO; therefore, overall, we reject the null hypothesis. Katelyn Dingess Summer Cohenour