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Success takes teams, not working together

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Presentation on the importance of working together and focusing on relationships for big data and data science work.

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Success takes teams, not working together

  1. success takes teams, not tech kate matsudaira @katemats
  2. (a) get done faster, (b) take longer to finish (c) not get done image source: http://www.viahouse.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/Upside-Down-Home-Amazing-Architecture-called-Wonderworks-800x560.jpg pop quiz
  3. what stands in the way of your team?
  4. people
  5. what makes a great employee?
  6. technology problems or people problems which is easier to solve?
  7. big things happen when you work together image source: http://garth.typepad.com/primitive_screwheads/images/2007/07/17/godzilla.jpg
  8. communication logistics trust I II III
  9. communication logistics trust I II III
  10. image source: http://www.wallpapers-group.com/wallpapers/2013/05/cats-animals-glasses-boss-schrodingers-cat-monochrome1-1800x2880.jpg data science is different
  11. are you on the same wavelength?
  12. what does it mean to be finished? image source: ladywhodoesntlunch.blogspot.com
  13. what do precision and recall mean? P R give them a lesson in semantics
  14. before Precision: 80% Recall 25%
  15. after For the top search terms* accessories appear 25% of the time on the first page. For top search terms the head products are present 90% of the time in the top 3 results, 98% of the time in the top5. Top search terms are the 1000 most popular queries on our website over the last 30 days.
  16. image source: http://www.carsimg.org/wallpapers/2012/01/old-abandoned-car-alone-car-desert-old-car-photography-1440x1920.jpg define quality
  17. image source: http://www.freepatentsonline.com/6971185-0-large.jpg measure with data that matters
  18. show before & after
  19. this is a really hard problem
  20. constructing model lineages for products is really difficult
  21. Macbook Air Macbook Macbook Pro ? Bravia EX500 LCD Bravia EX620 LED Bravia EX523 LCD ? be specific
  22. product evolution we are building a lineage take it up a level
  23. we know it is hard... but we don’t know why it is hard.
  24. use analogies & examples
  25. there are three kinds of falsehoods: lies, damned lies, and statistics. mark twain
  26. craft clear messages
  27. communication logistics trust I III II
  28. how do you get things done?
  29. collect data do we have the infrastructure to analyze the data? build it.... run experimentsget results are we finished or do we need more.....? start here yes no no yes research data do we have the right data?
  30. how will you work together?
  31. checkpoint meetings with demos image source: http://www.social-science.co.uk/research/
  32. transform failures
  33. 1.7GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 $300 256GB flash storage Intel HD Graphics 4000 Apple premium $250 8GB SDRAM $200 $200 $100 $1050Estimated Value: hard: value estimation
  34. easier: comparing products
  35. focus on speed
  36. hidden knowledge knowledge sharing synergy knowledge creation collaboration knowledge hoarding unknownrelationshipsdistrust forming storming norming performing
  37. reaching decisions together image source: http://www.social-science.co.uk/research/
  38. problem proposal B generated proposal A generated assumptions underlying proposal B are identified assumptions underlying proposal A are identified presentation of A’s pros and cons presentation of B’s pros and cons choice new alternative choose A or B compromise of A and B delphi method
  39. nominal group technique identify the issue each member presents their solution eliminate duplicates discuss each idea as a group vote and rank options pick a solution or repeat
  40. multi-voting
  41. 6rules for productive meetings #one Start with goals & desired outcomes #two Have an agenda #three Start and finish on time #six Take notes, and send them out promptly #five Assign actions and follow up #four Be direct and talk to your audience
  42. be a leader image source: http://a0.vsoh.com/ratusten.jpg
  43. communication logistics trustIII II I
  44. recognition & merit
  45. success comes from trust, which comes from people
  46. what is trust?
  47. build trust image source: http://cf3.8tracks.us/mix_covers/000/269/807/27486.max1024.jpg
  48. elements of trust relationship architecture reputation contribution Elements are based on Kay’s framework from the “Foundations of Corporate Success”
  49. Who is the person you admire most at work? What do they do differently? How do they make you feel? think about your coworkers...
  50. be the model teammate image source: http://illustrationfriday.com/topic/water/
  51. image source: http://pinterest.com/pin/153685406004471861/
  52. know your timing estimate actualanalyze incorporate validate confidence
  53. Make 2 ordered lists: 1. The most important people on your team 2. The people with whom you have the best relationships relationship architecture How can you improve your relationships on the team? How will that impact your work and happiness?
  54. relationships are like filmstrips
  55. greatness gap remarkable, exceptional you you, right now
  56. what if ...
  57. it’s not about what you do, but how you do it
  58. what can you do better? image source: http://www.friki.net/fotos/29450-super-heroes.html
  59. in summary
  60. communication
  61. logistics
  62. trust image source: http://redditlurker.com/funny/Post/t3_1152wx
  63. thank you kate@popforms.com @katemats http://popforms.com