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Platform guidance for Microsoft .NET Technology

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Platform guidance for Microsoft .NET Technology

  1. 1. Platform GuidanceforMicrosoft .NetWhat to pick, When to pick
  2. 2. People Behind Guidance Leaders & Influencers behind guidance
  3. 3. Minds…
  4. 4. .NET History The Journey…
  5. 5. CLR History
  6. 6. .NET Stack
  7. 7. Application Types Types of apps to build…
  8. 8. Application Types Line Of Business Apps Dashboard/Reporting Custom Windows Apps Data Driven Website Interactive Web Application (Forms Over Data) Mobile Website
  9. 9. Line Of Business Apps LOB…
  10. 10. Line Of Business Apps• Standard information worker apps• Heavy data input• Rich interactive interface• For internal users• Support critical business processes• Updated based on needs
  11. 11. Ideal Platform• Mature, Rich Tooling - VS, Blend Support• Readily Available Components• Browser-Based Deployment• Supports both In- And Out-Of- Browser• MS Support till 2021• For 5-10 year lifecycle projects
  12. 12. Key Advantages• Mature Platform• 1 class support for rich media & data visualization• Excellent tooling support• Active developer community• Rich Desktop-like Windows software• Simple Web-like deployment• Availability of 3rd-party toolsets
  13. 13. Dashboard/Reporting
  14. 14. Dashboard/Reporting• Present existing data to users• Not data input heavy• Visualize & analyze data• Include charts, gauges, graphs• Interactive data grids
  15. 15. Ideal Platform• Silverlight o rich data visualizations, o browser based deployment o Third Party toolkit e.g. Charting Kit by Telerik o Ideal for Windows Users audience• ASP.NET MVC + HTML5 o Maximize Reach o Work across browsers + mobile platforms o Power to build apps for PC or Mobile device o Ideal for audience with iPads, iPhones or Other devices
  16. 16. Key Advantages• Silverlight o Mature Tooling o Data Visualization Libraries o Fewer concern w.r.t browser versions, multiple browser o .NET on Client• ASP.NET MVC + HTML5 o Broad Reach o Can run on mobile devices + desktops o Data visualization without any plugin o Developer comfortness – HTML + JS
  17. 17. Custom Windows Apps
  18. 18. Custom Windows Apps• Unique or extreme requirements App• Require customized interfaces o Medical Imaging• May require full power of PC o Scientific S/W
  19. 19. Ideal Platform• Unlocks full power of Windows PC• Ideal for rich desktop software• Major apps built with WPF o Visual Studio• Narrowest reach o Windows XP & Greater only
  20. 20. Key Advantages• Maximum Power & control• Skillset shareable/transferable with Silverlight (XAML)• Mature Tooling• 3rd party tool support o E.g. Telerik RadControls for WPF
  21. 21. Data Driven Website
  22. 22. Data Driven Website• Primarily focused on displaying data & communicating information• Typically present data• Simple HTML rendering• Data input relatively simple• Composed of many diff pages
  23. 23. Ideal Platform• Maximum control over website rendering• Simpler page lifecycle• Helps maximize performance• Helps to build websites quickly, easy to test
  24. 24. Key Advantages• Simplified Page Cycle• No ViewState• Helps produce faster performance• Complete control over HTML• Improves testability
  25. 25. Interactive Web Application(Forms Over Data)
  26. 26. Interactive Web Apps• Differ from normal websites• Aim to deliver desktop like richness• Address same problems as LOB apps – not intended to install• Highly interactive, rich view in a page• Deal with data input & manipulation
  27. 27. Ideal Platform• Abstract underlying core technologies• Preserve state of UI controls across user actions• Use event-driven programming model• Original, most mature• Extensive 3rd party support
  28. 28. Key Advantages• Mature platform, superior community, 3rd party support & tooling• Rich Visual tooling• Supports drag & drop development• Fastest way to build desktop like rich apps• Abstracts need to master Javascript, HTML (compared to MVC)
  29. 29. Mobile Website
  30. 30. Mobile Websites• Unique experience• Built for smartphones• Delivered through browser• Rely on persistent internet connection• Streamlined, simple versions of full app – desktop or web
  31. 31. Ideal Platform• Create experience optimized for mobile• More functionality in single view• Highly configurable views• Simplest path to deliver HTML5 to devices• Powerful platform to build & deliver JSON web services
  32. 32. Key Advantages• Custom, Lightweight views – easy to deliver mobile friendly HTML5• MVC pattern – efficient base for creating JSON web services• View logic moves to device with JS
  33. 33. Q&AQuestions/Doubts/Clarifications
  34. 34. Thank You !Code with Passion, Decode with Patience