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The Dr Vikram Sarabhai Rotating Shield Quiz, 2015

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Quizmaster's Cut. Includes a few questions that were eaten up by Gmail, and consequently never made it to the quiz.
Some visual Qs may not make sense because they were based on vocal cues, without which I hold quizmastering to be hollow.

Set and presented by Aryaman Nath, Subhav Duggal and myself on February 4th, 2015.

The Dr Vikram Sarabhai Rotating Shield Quiz, 2015

  1. 1. Prelims • 21 questions, 25 mins • Cutoff - 7.5
  2. 2. After the incident, the organizers were unable to explain why a certain Shiv Kumar Thind had been allowed into the Toronto Cricket, Skating and Curling Club with a megaphone, or why he wasn’t prevented from using it to loudly berate a particular person. One specific insult was repeatedly used, to the crowd’s great delight. After a few minutes, the object of his dislike had had enough, and decided to act. Slightly unusual question, but what was the insult, which has since acquired cult status? 
  3. 3. “Aloo” Inzy famously charged into the stands with a bat.
  4. 4. • The moon’s orbit intersects the Earth’s orbit at two points: ascending node and descending node, depending on the trajectory of the Moon. • An eclipse occurs when the Earth, Sun and Moon lie in the same plane, bringing the ascending and descending nodes on the Earth-Sun line. • What explanation does Indian astrology offer instead?
  5. 5. Rahu and Ketu
  6. 6. During the recent visit of Barack Obama, Narendra Modi famously wore a bandhgala with his own name printed on it. Who was the first state leader to do this, later overthrown in a 2011 coup?
  7. 7. Hosni Mubarak
  8. 8. • The website was co-founded in 2008 by the University of Hong Kong student Chris Chan. It started as a "side project" at a time when Facebook wasn't available in Hong Kong. In a 2012 interview, Chan declined to explain where the name, X, is derived from. • While his team worked on two other side projects, StartupQuote and Songboard, X grew steadily and expanded its user base to 70 million global unique visitors per month. The company has since released iOS and Android apps. • Identify X.
  9. 9. 9Gag
  10. 10. A replica of which device?
  11. 11. World’s first transistor
  12. 12. Patterned after the fictional Shangri-La and the real location in PoK (the ninth-highest mountain in the world), X is a hidden city nestled high up in the mountains of Tibet. It is said to be a place of healing and enlightenment watched over by the goddess-like figure Rama Kushna and her monks. As in Shangri-La, time moves differently in X; one can leave the city to find that less time has passed in the outside world. Id X.
  13. 13. Nanda Parbat
  14. 14. These gallantry medals were awarded for service to a certain military force that was not fully legitimate. Although they fought against a recognized army from the same country, they are regarded with great admiration in that land.
  15. 15. Indian National Army
  16. 16. X is an event in which a specific individual, a guest of honor, is subjected to good-natured jokes at their expense intended to amuse the event's wider audience. This type of event was created as a mock counter to a toast. Such events are intended to honor a specific individual in a unique way. In addition to jokes and insults, such events may also involve genuine praise and tributes. What is X?
  17. 17. Roast
  18. 18. If he wishes to retreat, he has a choice of a place at Mashobra near Simla that was taken from the Raja of Koti, or one at Bolarum that was taken from the Nizam of Hyderabad. But if he wasn't, where would you usually find him?
  19. 19. Rashtrapati Bhawan • Presidential retreats
  20. 20. Id the author of this book
  21. 21. Arnab Goswami
  22. 22. Where are you likely to find these ‘professionals’ together? • Gambler and other "lowlifes", also messengers • City guard or policeman • Innkeeper • Merchant/Moneychanger • Doctor • Weaver/Clerk • Blacksmith • Worker/Farmer
  23. 23. Occupations of the pawns in chess
  24. 24. The voice of Andrew Anthony. His claim to fame? (audio redacted)
  25. 25. The voice of EA Sports
  26. 26. Knot theory is a branch of topology dealing with the study of mathematical knots. As the simplest knot, the trefoil is fundamental to the study of mathematical knot theory, which has diverse applications in topology, geometry, physics, chemistry and magic. Interestingly it also explains the reason behind an everyday nuisance. Which nuisance we are talking about?
  27. 27. Tangled earphones
  28. 28. In 1987, John Knoll wrote an image viewer called Display. His brother, Thomas Knoll was quite impressed with it, and the two brothers collaborated to spruce it up into a full-fledged image editor called ImagePro. This name did not last long, and with a changed name, the brothers gave a demo in Silicon Valley, and thus began this product's journey. Identify the product.
  29. 29. • This beer was named for a town in Austria and the German word for ‘pale’ (two words). The latter word is a common term for light beers in Bavaria and Austria. • When the EU refused to grant them a permit on account of the name, the owners used these facts to successfully argue that it had a perfectly clean back- story. The loophole doesn’t fool anyone, though: the name is obviously intended to be catchy in English- speaking markets. It has since sold quite well across the world. • Name the beer (both parts).
  30. 30. In his autobiography, Open, Andre Agassi describes one of his opponents thus: ‘He’s a flying jumping bean, a bundle of hyperkinetic energy, with the tour’s quickest hands. Still, he’s never learnt to hit a tennis ball. He hits off-speed, hacks, chips, lobs .. Then, behind all his junk, he flies to the net and covers so well that it all seems to work. After an hour you feel as if he hasn’t hit one ball cleanly – and yet he’s beating you soundly.’ Which player?
  31. 31. Leander Paes
  32. 32. At the time of his death, The New York Times called Leonard Skinner [in pic] "arguably the most influential high school gym teacher in American popular culture." Why?
  33. 33. The iconic ad featuring the Complan girl and Complan boy. Name these child actors, who went on to act together in several films.
  34. 34. Shahid Kapur and Ayesha Takia
  35. 35. • Robert Taylor was a salesman at Johnson & Johnson before striking out on his own. • In the early 1980s, he invented a product that could be dispensed by gently pressing a miniature pump fitted to a bottle. • Aware that bigger companies could copy his idea and put him out of business, he thought up a strategy to outsmart them. He spent $12 million and pre-ordered 100 million pumps from the few manufacturers who made the device, effectively locking up the manufacturing capacity. • Name the product.
  36. 36. During the Pandavas’ walk to heaven, all except Yudishthir collapsed and died. Each fell because they were guilty of a specific sin: • Bhim - gluttony • Draupadi loved Arjun more than the others • Sahadev - narcissism • Arjun - pride Why did Nakul fall?
  37. 37. Thirst for knowledge. His desire to learn more and more, especially about astronomy, rattled the gods.
  38. 38. The “X" in the series was contributed by the consultant , a Stanford professor on Information Theory. It's a legitimate formula that could operate as a benchmark. In the real world, this is comparable to the ‘practical compressor test’ by Wim Heirman. total time = compression time + n * (compressed file size / network speed + decompression time)
  39. 39. “The Weissman Score” from the HBO flick Silicon Valley
  40. 40. Very popular in the US, and apparently works quite well too. What is it?
  41. 41. RedBox DVD vending machine
  42. 42. Long before Milkha Singh signed away the rights to his biopic for Re 1, author Stephen King (of The Shining and Shawshank Redemption fame) pioneered the concept of low-cost movie rights. He would pick young directors who impressed him, and grant them permission to bring his novels to life on a non- commercial basis. King has never revealed how many of his works have been brought to screen this way, but one estimate suggests 15-20. What is the term interchangeably used for these directors and movies?
  43. 43. Dollar Baby
  44. 44. In 2014, four people were conferred the Bharat Ratna, India’s highest civilian honour. The list – Sachin Tendulkar, _______, AB Vajpayee, MM Malviya Which luminary in the field of science completes this list?
  45. 45. CNR Rao
  46. 46. This author’s second (and forthcoming) publication was written before her first. When she submitted the draft, the editor was so moved by the narrator’s flashbacks that he persuaded the author to write a fresh novel, set entirely in the narrator’s childhood. The ‘first’ book was published in 1960, and despite persistent public appeals, the author refused to publish again. Recently the ‘second’ was discovered, and will finally be released this year. It is titled Go Set A Watchman. Give me the author’s name OR her first title.
  47. 47. Harper Lee To Kill A Mockingbird
  48. 48. A description of which figure, who recently got a makeover? • "He can be a lover boy in Paris, a sumo wrestler in Tokyo, a pavement artist, a Red Indian, a monk... he can effortlessly flirt with the beauties of the world. And most importantly, he can get away with it all. Simply because he is the _______!"
  49. 49. • The Maharaja of Patiala, a colourful gentleman by all accounts, was banished by Lord Kitchener from Shimla for allegedly molesting an English girl. [Legend has it that the girl was Kitchener's own daughter]. • Enraged, the Maharaja vowed never to set foot in Shimla again, and build himself his own summer capital. What consequence did this have for the world of sports, and which Guinness record came to be created in the process?
  50. 50. Chail Highest cricket ground in the world
  51. 51. As Supreme Allied Commander of the South-East Asia Theatre, X accepted the surrender of Japan during the Second World War. This technically ended the War. To commemorate his own role in Japan’s surrender, X, in a different capacity, later chose the same date for yet another momentous event. For which EVENT did he choose the date?
  52. 52. India’s Independence • Lord Mounbatten
  53. 53. Ad for which product ? • An eruption of vibrantly-colored flower petals – 8 million of them – has flooded through a small village in Costa Rica. (Pictures coming up.) This is part of Sony’s advertisement campaign for their new product, X. • The surprising thing about this stunt is that these billowing waves of petals are real. It took the creative team behind the endeavour and the inhabitants of the village over 2 weeks to collect the 8 million flower petals used, weighing about 3.5 tons. • Identify the product X. • A bonus half-point if you can state the significance of the figure 8 million
  54. 54. The 4K Ultra HD TV
  55. 55. Short Visual Connect +20/-10
  56. 56. +10/-5
  57. 57. +5/-0
  58. 58. Oscar
  59. 59. Infinite Bounce On general demand (with one obvious exception ) pouncing was allowed in the last round of 6, and it set up an electric finish – the top 3 made 105, 100 and 95.
  60. 60. This brand launched in India around 2 decades ago. To make the launch a success, they paid Rs 15L for a product placement in an upcoming film: the lead actor mentions the brand name while downing a can.
  61. 61. Answer -
  62. 62. DDLJ
  63. 63. • X wasn’t happy with the album cover art, which depicts him and his colleagues as various forms of Vishnu. He felt the cover should have instead highlighted his American Indian heritage. • When the teasers were released, he commented: "The three of us have nothing to do with what's on the cover.“ • Identify X (Picture on next slide).
  64. 64. Answer -
  65. 65. Jimi Hendrix
  66. 66. Mascot of which brand?
  67. 67. Answer -
  68. 68. Xiaomi
  69. 69. Answer -
  70. 70. Arda Turan
  71. 71. Name the app
  72. 72. Answer -
  73. 73. I Am Rich • The app is in essence nothing, just a wallpaper, that signifies you can afford it. • Quite a few people bought it. And were happy with it. A strange world indeed!
  74. 74. Morarji Desai was perhaps the most successful Indian statesman when it came to achieving peace with Pakistan. He shared an excellent relationship with President Zia ul- Haq who described the two as “brothers who act together.” To maintain good relations, Desai even revealed classified details of Indian intelligence operations to Zia. As a tribute to his efforts, the Pakistani government did something in the 1990s, which in turn gives Desai a unique distinction. What did Pakistan do?
  75. 75. Answer -
  76. 76. Nishan-e-Pakistan …which makes him the only person to be conferred both the Bharat Ratna and Nishan-e- Pakistan.
  77. 77. • In the early ‘70s, George Lucas noticed that the sci-fi stories he grew up watching – serials or soap operas in an F/SF setting – were no longer being made. He applied to relaunch one particular superhero franchise, X, but was put off by the copyright restrictions. • So he borrowed some ideas from X and, in the words of colleague Francis Ford Coppola, “sort of combined it with a Stanley Kubrick '2001' world and created his own ______”, which we today know as Star Wars. • Lucas has since confirmed that the principal characters in Star Wars are ‘not original, but a tribute to __X__’. • Just name X.
  78. 78. Answer -
  79. 79. Flash Gordon
  80. 80. • Alternate names for X include glutton, carcajou, skunk bear, and quickhatch. It is the largest land-dwelling member of the weasel family: a stocky and muscular carnivore that resembles a small bear. A solitary animal, X has a reputation for ferocity and strength out of proportion to its size, with the documented ability to kill prey many times larger than itself. • X is native to the subarctic and alpine tundra of the Northern Hemisphere, with the greatest numbers in northern Canada, Alaska, the Scandinavian countries, and throughout western Russia and Siberia. The name is more famous in a different context.
  81. 81. Answer -
  82. 82. Wolverine
  83. 83. This symbol was designed to resemble a certain Roman god’s trident. The three tips of the trident were modified to end in a circle, a triangle and a square, in order to represent versatility and compatibility in usage. What symbol?
  84. 84. Answer -
  85. 85. USB symbol
  86. 86. • Thomas Alva Edison’s first patent was for an invention that never saw the light of day. • The people required to approve its usage were unimpressed. They felt it would reduce the time taken for that activity, in turn reducing the time they had to convince people. • An updated version is used in several countries. India was the first country to adopt it on a large scale.
  87. 87. Answer -
  88. 88. Electric Vote Recorder
  89. 89. Role reversal? Fill in the blank.
  90. 90. Answer -
  91. 91. Snapshots of Google’s Project Loon, which has already set several balloon records. The idea is to cover the entire planet. What’s the purpose?
  92. 92. Answer -
  93. 93. Internet WiFi balloons. The idea is to guarantee high-speed coverage at every point on the globe.
  94. 94. #420 Ulhasnagar - a military camp before Independence - was transformed into a major commercial center of Maharashtra by Sindhis who migrated there during Partition. With their flair for business, they took advantage of the growing demand for imported electronic goods by using a particular label on their products. What did the label read?
  95. 95. Answer -
  96. 96. ‘Made in USA’ Ulhasnagar Sindhi Association
  97. 97. Kaiten, Fukuryu and Shinryu were the names of different attack units in a certain division of the Japanese Navy. The name of their Air Force counterparts means ‘divine wind’ in Japanese, and has since become a part of the English language. What’s the good word?
  98. 98. Answer -
  99. 99. Kamikaze
  100. 100. • In Season 1, she had a low pitched voice which gradually became shriller. • She regularly visits the gym, and eats Oreos while in the bath. • She is extremely good at figuring out answers on the game show Wheel of Fortune with only sparse clues. • She was voiced by the lady on the next slide, who passed away in November. • Identify X.
  101. 101. Answer -
  102. 102. Debbie Wolowitz “HOWARD!”
  103. 103. • New England Brewing Company of Connecticut had been marketing its India pale ale under the name ‘X-bot’ with a label and cartoon image depicting X as a robot. • The company apologized and decided to rebrand the product. Give X.
  104. 104. Answer -
  105. 105. Gandhi-bot
  106. 106. • This late ‘90s album was an Akhtar family enterprise – Javed wrote the lyrics, and the music video was directed by Farhan and Zoya. • Of the 6 tracks, the title song was the shortest. It topped charts across India for ten weeks running, and catapulted the singer to immediate and lasting fame. • Recently, he came together with Javed Akhtar to launch a Reprise version that picks up where the original story left off.
  107. 107. Answer -
  108. 108. This selfie at the recent Miss Universe pageant sparked a controversy. Why?
  109. 109. Answer -
  110. 110. Miss Israel and Miss Lebanon were clicked together
  111. 111. If research into Strong AI produced sufficiently intelligent software, it might be able to reprogram and improve itself. The improved software would be even better at improving itself, leading to recursive self-improvement. The new intelligence could thus increase exponentially and dramatically surpass humans. Science fiction writer Vernor Vinge named this scenario “X“ Ray Kurzweil has used Moore's law to calculate that desktop computers will have the same processing power as human brains by the year 2029, and predicts that the X will occur in 2045 What is X?
  112. 112. Answer -
  113. 113. Singularity
  114. 114. X is a test of a machine's ability to exhibit intelligent behavior equivalent to, or indistinguishable from, that of a human. The conversation is limited to a text-only channel such as a computer keyboard and screen so that the result is not dependent on the machine's ability to render words into audio. All participants are separated from one another. If the judge cannot reliably tell the machine from the human, the machine is said to have passed the test. it checks how closely each answer resembles the answer a human would give. The test was introduced by Y in his 1950 paper "Computing Machinery and Intelligence,“ Id X and Y
  115. 115. Answer -
  116. 116. X -The Turing Test Y- Alan Turing
  117. 117. An 1806 invention by Ralph Wedgewood lead to it being used in many professional transactions till the last few decades of the 20th century. Its manufacture was formerly the largest consumer of montan wax or lignite wax. Its usage has almost come to an end these days, but the name of the associated practice has survived and is an integral part of a form of modern-day communications. (a)Identify the invention. (b) How does it survive now?
  118. 118. Answer -
  119. 119. (a) Carbon paper. (b) Cc or Bcc in e-mails.
  120. 120. • In creating the wormhole and a supermassive rotating black hole in the movie interstellar, Thorne collaborated with visual effects supervisor Paul Franklin and a team of 30 computer effects artists . Thorne would provide pages of deeply sourced theoretical equations to the artists, who then wrote new CGI rendering software based on these equations to create accurate computer simulations of the gravitational lensing caused by these phenomena. • The resulting visual effect provided Thorne with new insight into the effects of gravitational lensing and accretion disks surrounding black holes, and lead to the creation of two scientific papers, one for the astrophysics community and one for the computer graphics community. The paper for Astrophysics is filed by Kip Thorne himself , while for Computer graphics it is filed by a company on behalf of Paul Franklin and other 30 artist • Which company ?
  121. 121. Answer -
  122. 122. Double Negative
  123. 123. • If the ephedrine or pseudoephedrine isn't already in pure powder form, then it must be separated from the tablets of cold medicine that contain it. To do this, the cold medicine tablets are mixed with a solvent and the solution is then filtered and exposed to low temperatures to separate and remove the inert material of the tablet. • The pure pseudoephedrine is then mixed with red phosphorus and hydriodic acid. • The red phosphorus is then filtered out (and later reused), and the remaining acid is neutralized by adding a lye solution. • A substance is added that will bind to the X, and the liquid X is then drained out. • Hydrogen chloride gas is bubbled through the liquid X, making it a crystalline hydrochloride salt. • This is poured through a filter cloth, and the X that is left on the filter is then dried. • Once dry, the X is "stepped on" (mixed down with inert filler in order to maximize profits), weighed and packaged for shipment or sale. Production Cycle of which product
  124. 124. Answer -
  125. 125. Crystal Meth
  126. 126. To pay tribute to this Cambridge-educated genius, the writers of The Simpsons’ sister show Futurama have slipped in a few Easter eggs – • Bender, the robot, has the unit number 1729 • The starship Nimbus has the hull registration number BP-1729 • In one of the episodes, a parallel universe is referenced by the same number. • Who?
  127. 127. Answer -
  128. 128. Srinivasa Ramanujam
  129. 129. Write-em-Downs 3 rounds, 6 questions each 1. Figure It Out 2. Urban Dictionary Round 3. Space
  130. 130. Figure It Out Amul and RK Laxman cartoons
  131. 131. Shoaib Akhtar Controversially Yours:“Sachin was scared of me”
  132. 132. Jayaprakash Narayan (JP) • Founder of the Janata Party • He suggested military rule to ‘restore’ democracy
  133. 133. Whose recent visit is being commented on here?
  134. 134. Mark Zuckerberg
  135. 135. Salman Khan hit-and-run case
  136. 136. Mangalyaan
  137. 137. France and Portugal The decolonization of Goa and Pondicherry
  138. 138. Urban Dictionary WED Props are due to Megha Mehta for setting this round
  139. 139. The reason for everything. When someone doesn't show up for work, or school, it is because of _____. You can catch _____ from everything, including emails, gossip, old breast milk, etc. Don't look in your closet either, there is the _____ -gey Man hiding, waiting to spread the virus and turn you into a zombie. Where's Anthony? He must have _____ .
  140. 140. Ebola
  141. 141. (a) To bend over. Dude1: I just ______'ed that chick. Dude2: Must be nice. (b) a waste of money "hey the ______ is out! whats new about it" "pretty much nothing"
  142. 142. iPhone 6 • iPhone will also do
  143. 143. "carpe diem" for stupid people dude 1: "i'm gonna go smoke poison ivy and see if my lungs get a rash. ____! dude 2: "why doesn't he just say carpe diem? it sounds way better. dude 3: "stupid people don't speak latin. thats why they say ____"
  144. 144. Yolo
  145. 145. 1. A place where unemployed 40 somethings go because their kids told them about social media and their neighbor (Never even visited ______ twice) recommended they check it out during small-talk. Then the unemployed 40 year old spends one afternoon making 500 connections and harassing people who haven't been back to ______ in a year; with their resume. 2. A profile graveyard for entry level corporate kids who do not want to share their Facebook profile with their superiors. 3. A place where salesmen and MLM marketers pump their wares until they realize no-one ever returns or uses _________. Bob: "Hi Jane how are you doing?" Jane: "I'm ok, still looking for a job." Bob: "You should go on _________, it's like a Facebook for professionals." Jane: "Thanks, I'll check it out. My kids keep talking about social media."
  146. 146. LinkedIn
  147. 147. Silenced by a lady, especially by the self assumed more powerful woman. My wife and I had an argument; she yelled and I _________-ed!
  148. 148. Manmohan-ed
  149. 149. _________ is a common syndrome among teens. ______syndrome causes teens to act foolish in public to receive attention. People who have ______syndrome usually show or do weird things online to receive attention. People with ______syndrome are usually found online, mostly on social networking sites as Facebook, Twitter and Mostly Vines. ______syndrome also includes people who show off their body in public for attention. These people are usually females, they show them selves on social networking site mostly. A simple cure is to go to Youtube.com and watch the music video xxxxx - By ______ to traumatize yourself or others to make them quickly realize what they are doing. This is a serious syndrome and can lead to permanent disorder. It can lead to ______ Disorder which damages your brain to make you think that everyone agrees on the weird things you do. *There is currently no cure to the disorder, so you should cure the syndrome before it gets too serious.*
  150. 150. Miley Cyrus Syndrome
  151. 151. Space WED (Very gratifying to see all teams getting at least 2 correct)
  152. 152. Which was the first space shuttle in NASA’s fleet?
  153. 153. Columbia
  154. 154. The Tweet The Reply
  155. 155. • X was successfully deployed from the Mars Express on 19 December 2003 and was scheduled to land on the surface of Mars on 25 December 2003. • However, no contact was received at the expected time of landing on Mars, with the ESA declaring the mission lost in February 2004, after numerous attempts to contact the spacecraft were made. • Its fate remained a mystery, until it was announced in Jan 2015 that X had been located intact on the surface of Mars in a series of images from NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter HiRISE instrument. The images suggest that two of the spacecraft's four solar panels failed to deploy, blocking the spacecraft's communications antenna. • X is the first British and first European probe to achieve a soft landing on Mars. • Identify X.
  156. 156. Beagle 2
  157. 157. Under development at KU Leuven University in Belgium, X will be launched in 2016. Several companies, including Microsoft, have expressed a willingness to be involved in the project. The launch breaks a long-standing consensus against the commercialization of outer space.
  158. 158. The first space billboard
  159. 159. Apart from the US flag, which other flag was carried by John Glenn on the first US orbital space flight in 1962, and taken to the moon by Apollo 11 astronauts in 1969?
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Quizmaster's Cut. Includes a few questions that were eaten up by Gmail, and consequently never made it to the quiz. Some visual Qs may not make sense because they were based on vocal cues, without which I hold quizmastering to be hollow. Set and presented by Aryaman Nath, Subhav Duggal and myself on February 4th, 2015.


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