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What's new at Eclipse IoT - EclipseCon 2014

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What's new at Eclipse IoT - EclipseCon 2014

  1. 1. AN OVERVIEW OF ECLIPSE M2M Benjamin Cabé @kartben Eclipse Foundation IoT!
  2. 2. Protocols Tools Frameworks Services
  3. 3.  Hand  by  Castor  &  Pollux  from  The  Noun  Project   AT FIRST THEY WERE THREE…
  4. 4.  Hand  by  Castor  &  Pollux  from  The  Noun  Project   AT FIRST THEY WERE THREE…
  5. 5.  Hand  by  Castor  &  Pollux  from  The  Noun  Project   AT FIRST THEY WERE THREE…
  6. 6.  Hand  by  Castor  &  Pollux  from  The  Noun  Project   AT FIRST THEY WERE THREE…
  7. 7. Paho provides client implementations of the MQTT protocol. Mihini is an embedded Lua runtime providing HW abstraction and other services. Koneki provides tools for embedded Lua developers.
  8. 8. AND NOW THEY ARE 13!
  9. 9. Eclipse SCADA is a complete Java/ OSGi-based SCADA system (communication, monitoring, GUI, …) Kura is a Java/OSGi-based M2M container for gateways. Has support for Modbus, CANbus, MQTT, … Mosquitto is a lightweight server implementation of the MQTT and MQTT-SN protocols, written in C. (code pending)
  10. 10. Ponte bridges M2M/IoT (MQTT, CoAP) protocols to the Web. SmartHome provides a complete set of services for home automation gateways. OM2M implements the ETSI M2M standard. (code pending)
  11. 11. Californium is an implementation of the CoAP protocol written in Java. Includes DTLS for security. Wakaama is an implementation of LWM2M written in C. Krikkit is a rules system for programming edge devices just like you’d configure a router Wakaama Krikkit (code pending) (code pending) (code pending)
  12. 12. Concierge is a lightweight implementation of OSGi Core R5. Your project? J Concierge Let’s talk more today! ;-) (code pending)
  14. 14. BUILDING BLOCKS FOR IOT … for building what?
  15. 15.  Cloud  by  Andrew  Lynne  from  The  Noun  Project    Thermometer  by  Lemon  Liu  from  The  Noun  Project    Fluorescent  Light  Bulb  by  Dmitriy  Lagunov  from  The  Noun  Project    Water  by  Gilad  Fried  from  The  Noun  Project   MQTT Network Mosquitto broker Building… SENSOR NETWORKS
  16. 16.  Cloud  by  Andrew  Lynne  from  The  Noun  Project    Thermometer  by  Lemon  Liu  from  The  Noun  Project    Fluorescent  Light  Bulb  by  Dmitriy  Lagunov  from  The  Noun  Project    Water  by  Gilad  Fried  from  The  Noun  Project   MQTT Network Ponte broker CoAP Network Building… SENSOR NETWORKS (2)
  17. 17.  Cloud  by  Andrew  Lynne  from  The  Noun  Project    Thermometer  by  Lemon  Liu  from  The  Noun  Project    Fluorescent  Light  Bulb  by  Dmitriy  Lagunov  from  The  Noun  Project    Water  by  Gilad  Fried  from  The  Noun  Project   CoAP Network LWM2M server (e.g. Leshan) wakaama wakaama wakaama Building… DEVICE MANAGEMENT battery level avail. memory … firmware reboot …
  18. 18. Android UI X10 Serial … Bluetooth Building… HOME AUTOMATION
  19. 19. SO… WHAT’S NEXT?
  20. 20. big data SO… WHAT’S NEXT?
  21. 21. big data security SO… WHAT’S NEXT?
  22. 22.  Elephant  by  Ted  Mitchner  from  The  Noun  Project    Key  by  P.J.  Onori  from  The  Noun  Project    Share  by  Oriol  Carbonell  from  The  Noun  Project   big data security interop SO… WHAT’S NEXT?
  24. 24. UPCOMING ECLIPSE EVENTS http://iotlive.org
  25. 25. UPCOMING ECLIPSE EVENTS Eclipse Day Florence May 23, 2014 http://iotlive.org http://eclipsedayflorence.com
  26. 26. http://eclipsecon.org/france2014 UPCOMING ECLIPSE EVENTS
  27. 27. http://iot.eclipse.org
  28. 28. hMp://iot.eclipse.org       <benjamin@eclipse.org>   @kartben     Thanks! Questions?