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Building the Internet of Things with Eclipse IoT - JavaLand 2014

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Building the Internet of Things with Eclipse IoT - JavaLand 2014

  1. 1. BUILDING THE INTERNET OF THINGS WITH ECLIPSE IOT* Benjamin Cabé @kartben Eclipse Foundation *and some cool Java technologies!
  2. 2. M2M? IoT?
  3. 3. ❝Technology that supports wired or wireless communication between devices
  4. 4. http://www.flickr.com/photos/brunauto/5687363705 fragmentation
  5. 5. lock-in http://www.flickr.com/photos/photosightfaces/8152791780/
  6. 6. http://www.flickr.com/photos/90514086@N00/952121271/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/cyberslayer/952121271 complexity
  7. 7. Protocols Tools Frameworks Services
  8. 8. Paho provides client implementations of the MQTT protocol. Mihini is an embedded Lua runtime providing HW abstraction and other services. Koneki provides tools for embedded Lua developers.
  9. 9. Eclipse SCADA is a complete Java/ OSGi-based SCADA system (communication, monitoring, GUI, …) Kura is a Java/OSGi-based M2M container for gateways. Has support for Modbus, CANbus, MQTT, … Mosquitto is a lightweight server implementation of the MQTT and MQTT-SN protocols, written in C. (code pending)
  10. 10. Ponte bridges M2M/IoT (MQTT, CoAP) protocols to the Web. SmartHome provides a complete set of services for home automation gateways. OM2M implements the ETSI M2M standard. (code pending)
  11. 11. Californium is an implementation of the CoAP protocol written in Java. Includes DTLS for security. Wakaama is an implementation of LWM2M written in C. Krikkit is a rules system for programming edge devices just like you’d configure a router Wakaama Krikkit (code pending) (code pending) (code pending)
  12. 12. Concierge is a lightweight implementation of OSGi Core R5. Your project? J Concierge We need to talk! ;-) (code pending)
  13. 13. I often get asked…
  14. 14. WHAT IS ZE BEST LANGUAGE FOR IOT?!? I often get asked…
  15. 15. ANSWER: It depends! J For embedded systems…   Codevs.Configuration Constrained micro-controllers vs. Smart gateways C Javascript Lua Java/OSGi
  16. 16. ANSWER: It depends! J Infrastructurevs.App.development Communication enablement vs. Information systems On the server side…   C Javascript Java/OSGi
  18. 18. BUILDING BLOCKS FOR IOT … for building what?
  19. 19.  Cloud  by  Andrew  Lynne  from  The  Noun  Project    Thermometer  by  Lemon  Liu  from  The  Noun  Project    Fluorescent  Light  Bulb  by  Dmitriy  Lagunov  from  The  Noun  Project    Water  by  Gilad  Fried  from  The  Noun  Project   MQTT Network Mosquitto broker Building… SENSOR NETWORKS
  20. 20.  Cloud  by  Andrew  Lynne  from  The  Noun  Project    Thermometer  by  Lemon  Liu  from  The  Noun  Project    Fluorescent  Light  Bulb  by  Dmitriy  Lagunov  from  The  Noun  Project    Water  by  Gilad  Fried  from  The  Noun  Project   MQTT Network Ponte broker CoAP Network Building… SENSOR NETWORKS (2)
  21. 21.  Cloud  by  Andrew  Lynne  from  The  Noun  Project    Thermometer  by  Lemon  Liu  from  The  Noun  Project    Fluorescent  Light  Bulb  by  Dmitriy  Lagunov  from  The  Noun  Project    Water  by  Gilad  Fried  from  The  Noun  Project   CoAP Network LWM2M server (e.g. Leshan) wakaama wakaama wakaama Building… DEVICE MANAGEMENT battery level avail. memory … firmware reboot …
  22. 22. Android UI X10 Serial … Bluetooth Building… HOME AUTOMATION
  23. 23. Real world example… and demo!
  24. 24. 21.3 21.3
  25. 25. Is the MQTT API that simple?
  26. 26. Is the MQTT API that simple? MqttClient mqttClient = new MqttClient
 ); mqttClient.setCallback(…); mqttClient.connect(); mqttClient.subscribe("myGreenhouse/#"); // the rest of your app
  27. 27. Is the MQTT API that simple? mqttClient.setCallback(new MqttCallback() { @Override public void messageArrived(String topic, 
 MqttMessage message) throws Exception { // process received message
 // e.g. display temperature value } // ... }); Callback code:
  28. 28. Data viz. w/ MQTT over Websockets •  Rickshaw is a JavaScript toolkit for creating interactive time series graphs •  It’s built on top of d3.js •  MQTT over Websockets makes it very easy to feed data into Rickshaw datasets –  More at http://code.shutterstock.com/rickshaw – lots of examples to get started
  29. 29. In a nutshell •  MQTT is a very versatile protocol for building your IoT solution from the ground up. You should try it! •  Eclipse IoT has lots of projects, from basic building blocks to more complete solutions •  We have Java, and more! J
  31. 31. UPCOMING ECLIPSE EVENTS http://iotlive.org
  32. 32. UPCOMING ECLIPSE EVENTS Eclipse Day Florence May 23, 2014 http://iotlive.org http://eclipsedayflorence.com
  33. 33. http://eclipsecon.org/france2014 UPCOMING ECLIPSE EVENTS
  34. 34. http://iot.eclipse.org
  35. 35. http://iot.eclipse.org <benjamin@eclipse.org> @kartben Thanks! Questions?