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Kapost 50 learning from world-class marketers

  1. THE B2B MARKETING OPERATING SYSTEM © 2016 Kapost 50: Learning from World- Class Marketers
  2. THE B2B MARKETING OPERATING SYSTEM © 2016 What is the Kapost 50? The 2016 Kapost 50 are top-notch marketing teams that: → Integrate their marketing strategies across teams → Create full-funnel content → Value quality over quantity → a whole lot more
  3. THE B2B MARKETING OPERATING SYSTEM © 2016 Presenting our speakers! Starting his career at a startup and working through rapid growth, Dylan now works at Kroll to expand the digital presence of the 45 year old leader in risk solutions Dylan Press Manager, Web Content and Marketing Technologies at Kroll ICON / IMAGE James Furbush Managing Editor at AthenaHealth ICON / IAGE Rafi Kretchmer VP Marketing at Panaya ICON / IMAGE Rafi brings more than 17 years of senior management in B2B corporate and product marketing from the software enterprise arena A former journalists turned marketer, James has spent the past three years at athenahealth aligning editorial, marketing, and sales strategies
  4. PANAY© Panaya | An Infosys Company CMO Confessions Meetup Rafi Kretchmer Panaya ABM case study Make Marketing Strategic Again Vice President, Marketing
  6. PANAY© Panaya | An Infosys Company Pillar III Higher Engagement High sales probability - Top 5-10 major accounts Strategic ABM • Personalized marketing activities (e.g. RTP) • Account based activities – events, webinars etc. • X major accounts pipeline X new opportunities Pillar II Meaningful Engagement Interested – 100 major accounts ABM Lite • Events • Nurture • Sales follow up • Meaningful engagement for X accounts X F2F meetings (Director level and up) 6 ABM - Major Accounts Program Plan and Objectives Goals Pillar I Targeted Awareness & Curiosity Target All major accounts Methodology Programmatic ABM Tactics • Thought leadership content – minisite • Programmatic ABM, native advertising, content syndication KPIs • Impressions • Clicks & Landing Page Arrivals Guaranteed HQ Engagements
  7. PANAY© Panaya | An Infosys Company Introduction of “Account Intent Level” • Remove the use of MQL terminology • Provide sales with account level indication • Calculate score on the account level based on agreed parameters • Weighted score • Engagement details to the specific contact level
  8. PANAY© Panaya | An Infosys Company Thought Leadership Content Hub 1. Analyze all converted traffic aggregated by account level 2. prioritize based on: 1. #of engagements 2. #of engaged contacts per account 3. Weekly dashboard on marketing funnel progress Follow up process: 1. Weekly report to Sales/SD 2. Accounts follow up 3. Marketing dashboard to present pipeline progress according to buying cycle Campaign Flow Targeted advertisement in C-level business portals 1 2 3 4
  9. PANAY© Panaya | An Infosys Company Results to Date - Exceeded Awareness Goals Exceeded Awareness Goals Engaged with the Right Audience •Over 13,170,199 Impressions •~28,600 people clicked on the Panaya ads/promotions •CTR – 0.22% - X7 Industry Benchmark (0.03) •19,599 visits to the Panaya ERP Agility Mini Site •Average time on page – 00:03:02 mins. •1,004 Unique Video Views, ~260 assets reads •450 Content Downloads
  10. PANAY© Panaya | An Infosys Company What Did we Learn • Get Management Buy-in • Believe in your motivation to change • Set clear objectives – Measurable, realistic, value-oriented (not execution objectives) • Present a clear handshake process with sales – KEY!!!! • Elevate the discussion through exec-level content • Don’t sell your product. Present a promise. • Tie your message to a broader umbrella story (digital transformation) • Talk the Sales language • MQLs are irrelevant – Focus on account level view • Plan Plan and Plan again
  11. athenaInsight as ABM engine James Furbush, audience development
  12. 1,705 quality measures supported 40M denial prevention scenarios in Billing Rules Engine 85,000 providers across the network 100M Patient encounters per year 1 in10 Americans seen by an athenahealth Provider in 2016 athenahealth Healthcare technology and services
  13. Sales and Marketing headwinds 18-24 month sales cycle Market differentiation and Education Buyer, decision- maker, user not the same Engagement matters Not a seller’s market
  14. Launched in June 2016
  15. Reporting on public health trends
  16. PR has secured great earned media from athenaInsight content 17
  17. athenaInsight: We crushed most of our benchmarks 18 METRIC 2016 GOAL 2016 ACTUAL % OF GOAL DEFINITION Unique visitors 70,000 141,200 202% The number of unique people that access athenaInsight within a given time Engaged readers 76.0% 81.2% 107% The percentage of this story’s audience that engaged for longer than 15 seconds on a story Avg. engaged stories/visitor/visit 1.45 1.28 88% For every reader, number of stories that are consumed in one sitting at the 15 second threshold or better Repeat visitors 7.0% 7.8% 111% The rate of readers who returned to the site within 90 days Avg. time on site (minutes) 1.95 3.6 185% How long our audience engaged with stories each visit (1.95 minutes = 117 seconds) Newsletter sign-up 1,000 1,679 168% Number of visitors that opt-in to weekly newsletter by EOY 2016 (does not include athena employees) Click through to 644 409 64% Number of users who click through to from links embedded within athenaInsight
  18. Activating ABM accounts directly in content development Tom Jackiewicz, CEO of USC’s Keck School of Medicine 19 Michael Covert, CEO of CHI St. Luke’s Health
  19. 20 Where we go in 2017
  20. Sharpen our focus 21 Executive vision Develop and publish content that engages audiences and drives awareness and performance Network data Industry research (self- generated) Product Marketing Client Marketing & Education PR/Social Inputs Downstream Engagement Marketing Client/Prospect innovations
  21. Understand our audience 22
  22. Evolve site from pure newsfeed design to Package and feature content 23
  23. 24 Thank you!
  24. THE B2B MARKETING OPERATING SYSTEM © 2016 Using Kapost to Bridge the Gap Between the Digital and Physical PARTNER THREE Kroll
  25. THE B2B MARKETING OPERATING SYSTEM © 2016 Small team at a big(ish) company Kroll = ~1000 employees across 20 countries Content Marketing Team = 9 full time and 2 interns
  26. THE B2B MARKETING OPERATING SYSTEM © 2016 Everyone at Kroll uses Kapost, whether they are aware of it or not.
  27. THE B2B MARKETING OPERATING SYSTEM © 2016 The Collateral Process 1. Practitioners/Experts Write a Piece of Collateral 2. The Marketing team transforms this into usable content 3. The Marketing team works in Kapost to tag and categorize content 4. Content is then exported into the Kapost Gallery 5. The Kapost Gallery is displayed in the company intranet via iframe 6. Practitioners pull content from the intranet to use in client meetings
  28. THE B2B MARKETING OPERATING SYSTEM © 2016 Practitioners Marketing Team Kapost Gallery Clients & Prospective Clients 1 2 3 Intranet 5 4 6 The Collateral Process
  29. THE B2B MARKETING OPERATING SYSTEM © 2016 “We are going to launch a new practice focused on Law Enforcement Consulting”