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TGI Worldpanel - media owners

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TGI Worldpanel - media owners

  1. 1. TGI WorldpanelUnprecedented FMCGbrand granularity for media owners Identify and monetise efficiencies between media and thousands of FMCG brands Enhance sales arguments by promoting media efficiencies with any brand directly rather than relying on surrogates Highlight the proportion FMCG brand sales represented by consumers of your media brands Exploit brand coverage on a robust sample of 30,000 main shoppers Details overleaf > > >
  2. 2. TGI WorldpanelTGI Worldpanel brings together the scanned FMCG household purchase dataof Kantar Worldpanel panellists with the full broad range of consumer insightavailable on TGI. The Kantar Worldpanel sample of 25,000 is fused to c. 30,000‘main shoppers’ from the TGI study sample.Beyond simple buying information, the purchase data encompasses: Average and total spend by product Proportion of product bought on promotion Which retailers people shop at for particular productsCombined with TGI data, this creates an extremely robust dataset offering anunprecedented level of insight into those who purchase any of 35,000 FMCG brandsin Britain. These include everything from groceries, to cleaning products, healthproducts and household sundries.Unprecedented brandgranularity A common languageThe thousands of FMCG brands on TGI Brand owners and manufacturersWorldpanel provide media owners with tend to think specifically in termsvastly greater scope to differentiate and of purchasers of their products. Bymonetise their media brands. combining purchase data with broad consumer insight, TGI Worldpanel allowsInstead of having to rely on surrogate media owners to define targets in theparent brands on TGI to make sales same way and talk the same languagearguments, media owners can look at as the brands they are seeking to attract.those who actually purchase specificsub-brands. For more information, please get in touch: T: +44 (0)20 8433 4000 E: tgihotline@kantarmedia.com W: www.tgisurveys.com