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Gb tgi q1 update

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Latest updates to Kantar Media's GB TGI study - Q1 2016

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Gb tgi q1 update

  1. 1. © Kantar Media GB TGI 2016 Q1 A summary of new measures
  2. 2. “It is important for me to always look perfect” “Skincare products help your skin look younger” “I like it when my nails attract attention” “I prefer using deodorants/shower gels to smell nice rather than perfumes” “My fragrance expresses my personality” “I feel better about the way I look when I am tanned” “Wearing make-up makes me more self confident” “I prefer subtle make-up that looks natural” Source: TGI GB Q1 2016 Lifestyle statements - personal appearance
  3. 3. “I save up programmes I’ve recorded or downloaded and watch them back to back” 0% 20% 40% 60% BBC iPlayer Netflix 4OD Sky On Demand On Demand Services Used By Adults Who Agreed “We often sit down for a meal together at home ” “Out of home advertising changes my perception of a brand” “I like to interact with advertising on touch screens in shopping centres, cinemas, airports, etc.” Source: TGI GB Q1 2016Base: All Adults Lifestyle statements
  4. 4. LESS THAN A YEAR 1-5 YEARS IN UK 6-9 YEARS IN UK 10 YEARS OR MORE WHERE THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN IN THE UK FOR 1- 5 YEARS LIVE…SCOTLAND 14% (159) NORTH 4% (83) YORKSHIRE & HUMBSIDE 5% (61) GREATER LONDON 32% (236) EAST MIDLANDS 4% (57) WEST MIDLANDS 7% (80) WALES 4% (81) Source: TGI GB Q1 2016Base: All Adults Personal demographics – length of time in UK
  5. 5. Researched a product/service on a mobile phone Redeemed a voucher with a mobile phone Texted/called/ emailed for more information using a mobile phone Used a mobile phone to make a purchase Used a mobile phone to scan a QR code on an advert Taken a photo of an advert using a mobile phone Researched a product/service online (NOT via mobile Purchased a product/service online (NOT via mobile) Went to store to buy a product Talked with friends about a product/service/ brand Downloaded an app/product/service /brand on social media sites Interacted directly with a brand page on social media sites Source: TGI GB Q1 2016 Out of home advertising – response
  6. 6. DRAUGHT LAGER DRAUGHT BITTER, MILD & STOUT Source: TGI GB Q1 2016 Alcoholic drinks – new brands
  7. 7. CIDER CHAMPAGNE 20% of adults who work in Central London drink Champagne on a Festive/Celebratory occasion 39% of GB adults believe taste to be the most important factor in choosing a cider Source: TGI GB Q1 2016Base: 18+ Alcoholic drinks – new brands
  8. 8. Source: TGI GB Q1 2016 Alcoholic drinks – new brands: Rum (dark & golden)
  9. 9. Adults with a university degree are 128% more likely to drink Bacardi Adults aged 18-24 who drink Asda White Rum are 229% more likely to agree with ‘I really enjoy a night out at the pub’ Source: TGI GB Q1 2016Base: 18+ Alcoholic drinks – new brands: Rum (white)
  10. 10. Source: TGI GB Q1 2016 Alcoholic drinks – pre-mixed spirits & cocktails brands
  11. 11. NEW BRANDS 56% more likely to agree… 41% more likely to agree… “I would never buy toiletries and cosmetics that have been tested on animals” “To be beautiful is to be simple and natural” “What I want most is to be attractive/well groomed” 80% more likely to agree… Base: All Adults Toiletries & Cosmetics - hand creams and lotions
  12. 12. Single men are 130% more likely to use Sanex 16% of female lynx users started university in the L12M Males who spend 1-2 hours travelling to work are 80% more likely to use Rexona Females who work in a city centre are 112% more likely to use Rexona NEW BRANDS Source: TGI GB Q1 2016Base: All Adults Toiletries & cosmetics – anti-perspirant & body spray
  13. 13. NEW BRANDS Source: TGI GB Q1 2016 Toiletries & cosmetics – perfume & aftershave
  14. 14. NEW BRANDS EYE MAKEUP FOUNDATION, FACE POWDER AND TINTED MOISTURISER 45% of females who agree with ‘I can’t leave home without make-up’ are ‘interested in innovations in cosmetics’ Source: TGI GB Q1 2016Base: All Adults Toiletries & cosmetics – make-up
  15. 15. @Kantar_Media KantarMediaGlobal company/kantar-media @KantarMedia +KantarMedia About Kantar Media Kantar Media is a global leader in media intelligence, providing clients with the data they need to make informed decisions on all aspects of media measurement, monitoring and selection. Part of Kantar, the data investment management arm of WPP, Kantar Media provides the most comprehensive and accurate intelligence on media consumption, performance and value. For further information, please visit us at www.kantarmedia.com © Kantar Media