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5 Kanban board principles

Wondering if you use Kanban board properly? Do you wish to improve your results, but you don't know how? Take a look at a visual explanation of 5 core Kanban board principles and design a perfect Kanban board.
Source: http://kanbantool.com/5-kanban-board-principles

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5 Kanban board principles

  1. 1. Navigating through Kanban board is literally a piece of cake. The organization of work items in a structured manner allows for smooth and intuitive navigation. Simple Nothing speaks more than visual cues. Easily identify items and see how the work progresses. Visible Whether you are using a whiteboard or digital Kanban everyone will have access to information at a glance. Accessible > I Tasks and projects broken down into “:3 visual items will let you see how the . work progresses daily. ‘3 e V Everyone follows the same efficient V work flow. V Standardized _ _ l / IFN "' A Curious how It works? ' ' Try Our Supreme Kanban boards. www_KanbanT0o| _Corn " Pildocholrt _ ll Fl lll qv lll --Ll ‘l