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A Brief Study of ENO as an OTC Brand

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  1. 1. OTC BRAND-
  2. 2. Introduction & Product Formulation Advertisement Distribution Research Consumer Psychology
  3. 3. About ENO Leading Antacid taken for providing instant relief from acidity, gastric discomfort & heart burns Works in 6 Seconds. Composition: (Per 5g) Svarjiksara (Shudh) 2.91g Nimbukamlam (Shushkam) 2.04g The brand has come a long way since its launch in 1972 on the back of a strong marketing strategy & maintain its leadership position Instant Relief & Product’s Taste. Tag Line Since 1972 Consistent positioning
  4. 4. Market Overview Total Antacid Market of India estimated at Rs 800 crore Powder form-45% Liquid & Tablet form-55% ENO Powder -41% of market share with 30 % growth every year 41%
  5. 5. Product Mix 6 Flavours -10 gm sachets Non-sticky, non-chalky chewable, handy and an effective cure for acidity 100gm bottle liquid. NO medicinal taste
  6. 6. Brands Powder/Price Suspension/Price Tablet/Price 100 gm- Rs.80/- 10 gm- Rs.6/- 170 ml- Rs.68/- Per Strip-Rs.8/- 10 gm- Rs.6/- 170 ml- Rs.56/- Per Strip- Rs.10/- N.A 400 ml- Rs.114/- Per Strip- Rs.10/- N.A 30 ml- Rs.40/- Per Strip- Rs.15/-
  7. 7. Introduction Advertisement Distribution Research Consumer Psychology
  8. 8. Positioning of competitors
  9. 9. Introduction Advertisement Distribution Research Consumer Psychology
  10. 10. Distribution GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Ltd has a strong marketing & distribution network in India. It has over 600 Distributors. Direct coverage of over 750000 retail outlets. This gives the company a strategic advantage in the competitive antacid market
  11. 11. Introduction Advertisement Distribution Research Consumer Psychology
  12. 12. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Method – The survey was conducted with the Chemists, grocery, beetle shops and consumers. Type of Questionnaire – open & close ended questions Research Tool – Questionnaires Sample Size – Chemists : 3 Grocery shops: 3 Beetle shops: 3 Consumers: - 20 Area - Nerul
  13. 13. Observation from Chemist, Grocery & Beetle Shop Corners Particulates Medical Shop Grocery Shop Beetle Shop Number of Shop 3 3 2 Antacid Product sold Eno (Powder, Liquid & Tablet) Gelusil Digene Sachets (Powder) Sachets (Powder) No. of unit sale/day 8-10 5-6 3-4 No. of Distributors/whole seller 3 1 1 Frequency of visit for taking order Alternate Day Weekly Fortnight Any Scheme No No No Does Customer ask for other product if ENO is not available Such situation usually does not arise & possibly they move nearby shop to get it. No No
  14. 14. Interpretation of the observation from Chemist, Grocery & Beetle Shop Corners S. No Interpretations 1. The availability of ENO is well maintained throughout each & every corner. 2. A variety of Antacids are available with chemist along with ENO Variants but in Grocery & Beetle shop only Sachets are available. Gel Form is not available even in chemist shop. 3. Volume of sales of ENO sachets in chemist shop almost DOUBLE to that of in Grocery & Beetle shop so frequency of visit for order is quite high comparetively. 4. No scheme in ENO product and High Demand of product suggest that the PULL strategy is working well with ENO. 5. Customer Loyalty is quite high with the Product.
  15. 15. Introduction Advertisement Distribution Research Consumer Psychology
  16. 16. Consumer Psychology Questionnaire Q1)Which product do you prefer for acidity Q2)Reason for buying the same Q3)Will you buy another product if not available Q4)What attribute do you seek before buying a product Q5)Do you think granules are more effective then liquids
  17. 17. Consumer Psychology Findings Sr.No Questions ENO Gelusil Digene Others 1 Product Preference 50% 20% 10% 20% 2 Reasons 70%-Instant Relief 25%-Availability 5%-Economical 50%-Dr-suggestion 30%Brand equity 20%Attractive 70%-Dr Suggestion Flavours 3 Loyalty 80% 70% 70% 4 Attributes Availability, Instant Relief, Flavors, Effective & Economical 5 ENO used for fermentation purposes.
  18. 18. Fizz continued with new flavors…. Thank You.