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Website design based on php programming

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Website development based on php programming language. www.webdevo.ie programming services.

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Website design based on php programming

  1. 1. Website Design based on PHP Programming PHP is one of the easiest web based programming language. It allows to create small websites and also complex web based applications. When you combine PHP with HTML, CSS, MySql, Javascript, jQuery, Ajax, the possibilities are endless. Most of web design companies using PHP to produce websites. Most popular CMS systems like WordPress, Joomla are built using PHP language. It’s the easiest programming language, but for a standard internet user it’s still a black magic area. PHP & MySql Possibilities When you combine PHP with mysql, you’ll be able to produce advanced websites / web apps that can store user data and offer multiple features. Best example is a user login feature that is currently offered in most modern websites. All user data is stored in the mysql database including password, when user enter the details PHP make a query to the mysql database, checks if the details match and if all is ok proceed to the password secured section. Is there any other languages dedicated for the web? Of course there are others. The best example would be ASP, Python, Java, but everybody will tell you that PHP would be the easiest to learn and its features are not anywhere worse than the others. Objected PHP Programming This is the key of programming complex web based systems and modern websites. OOP is helping to keep the code clean and readable for other programmers and for yourself, as after a year or two, if there is a need to do a major changes in the code, you’ll find it hard if you didn’t follow OOP at the first place. Hello World in PHP To write your first app in PHP you’ll need a webserver running on localhost or use a hosting package from 3rd party website development and hosting company. The easiest way to setup webserver on Windows would be xampp. There are plenty of tutorials available in the net on how to setup your own local webserver. After you have it reade create a file called index.php and put the below code: <?php echo “Hello World!” ;?> That’s it, now you have fully functional Hello World php application – did I not tell you it’s that easy? PHP is not everything After learning PHP you’ll find out that it’s not enough to do a really good website. In order to be able to combine a great modern website you’ll better learn few more languages: HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Photoshop would be an extra advantage as the design is important as well, you don’t want your website looking as it was done in 1990s. Conclusion PHP is the easiest to learn website programming language. Even you know PHP, you’ll
  2. 2. still have to learn multiple other languages, so the whole industry isn’t as easy as you would thought so. By learning PHP and couple of more languages there will be nothing to stop you from developing complex web based applications. Website design evolving really quickly, so to be on top of the industry you’ll need to keep learning new lessons as for example Responsive Website Design which now becomes a standard.