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Developing Performance Based Work Statements

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Developing Performance Based Work Statements

  2. 2. Statement of WorkPerformance-Based Contracting Performance-based contracting involves structuring all aspects of an acquisition around the purpose of the work to be performed as opposed to either the manner by which the work is to be performed or a broad and imprecise statement of work. 2
  3. 3. Statement of Work What vs. How• Lower costs• Flexibility to achieve a solution• Solution is the responsibility on the contractor 3
  4. 4. What Is An SOW? A formal written description of your minimum requirements to be performed by a contractor The “heart of your procurement” 4
  5. 5. Why is a Clear and Concise SOW Important ? Provides a clear understanding of the requirements Establishes a baseline for proposal evaluation Reduces evaluation and negotiation time Minimizes need for future changes Baselines contractor performance measures 5
  6. 6. Many Documents Are Based On The SOW SOW NAFI QA R E P O R T IN G C O S T E S T IM A T E S U R V E IL L A N C E R E Q U IR E M E N T S PLANE V A L U A T I O N C R I T E R IA IN S T R U C T IO N F O R S E C T IO N (M ) P R O P O S A L P R E P A R A T IO N S E C T IO N (L ) 6
  7. 7. STATEMENT OF WORK PROCESS OVERVIEWThe following is a summary of the recommended process steps for preparing a Statement of Work SOW :4. Establish a preliminary scope statement ( i.e., the purpose or objective of your procurement)5. List the tasks to be performed ( i.e., All performance requirements you intend the contractor to satisfy, all requirements that the contractor must comply with during contract performance )6. Group similar and related tasks.7. Organize the tasks in logical sequence8. Identify the input ( Required resources to perform the tasks)9. Identify the output ( Required results or deliverables )10. Identify the timeline or frequency of the deliverables (output)11. Develop the parameters for acceptable quality and performance12. Determine how you will monitor the deliverables 7
  8. 8. Statement of Work Step 1• ESTABLISH A PRELIMINARY SCOPE STATEMENT THAT: – Identifies the objective or purpose of the procurement – Description of work to be performed – Define the magnitude of work to be performed – Defines the boundaries of performance and responsibilities 8
  9. 9. Statement of Work Step 2• List task to be performed that will: – Accomplish the objective of the SOW – Focus of “what” not “how” the contractor will perform 9
  10. 10. Statement of Work Step 3• Group similar and related task• Categorize tasks as either major or sub-tasks• Add any additional tasks as you work through this 10
  11. 11. Statement of Work Step 4• Organized task in logical sequence – Chronological order – Time-phase – Discipline• Ensure task required meet the minimum requirements• Delete unnecessary or repetitive tasks 11
  12. 12. Statement of Work Step 5• Identify the required resources for each task (input) – May be labor, equipment and material – May be NAFI or government provided• Identify any operating restrictions or procedures 12
  13. 13. Statement of Work Step 6• Identify required results and or deliverables (output) – Meetings – Reports• Provides information to develop oversight plan• Contractor responsible for the work (input to output) 13
  14. 14. Statement of Work Step 7• Identify the frequency and timeline of deliverables• Assists in – Refining SOW – Method of surveillance – Surveillance plan – Cost estimate 14
  15. 15. Statement of Work Step 8• Develop performance standard or acceptance criteria expressed in – Quality – Quantity – Time – Appearance• Should include elements such as “What, when, where, how many times• Should be appropriate for the contract and – Necessary – Realistic – Objective and measurable 15
  16. 16. Statement of Work Step 9• Determine how you will monitor the deliverables• Must be appropriate for the contract• Cost effective• Methods include: – 100% inspection – Random sampling – Periodic inspection – Customer copleaints – Review of progress milestons – Reports by contractor 16
  17. 17. Statement of Work ConclusionLastly, the key factor in the success of thePerformance Based Contract is the abilityof you, the customer, to write goodrequirements. 17