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Has it really been 10 years?

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Has it really been 10 years?

  1. 1. <ul>Has it really been 10 years? </ul><ul>John Kellerman, IBM Raleigh Kim Moir, IBM Ottawa </ul>
  2. 5. <ul>In the News… </ul><ul>“ Suddenly IBM is cool” </ul><ul>IBM's plans can change the entire industry. As revolutions go, this one is a bargain. </ul><ul>&quot;The name of this new open source initiative is Eclipse, as in overshadowing of Microsoft's proprietary approach ... it may take a long time, but the open-source movement eventually will accomplish what the government failed to do .&quot; </ul><ul>“ Eclipse is a break from the proprietary pattern, it come at a critical time in the industry...its a very aggressive move” </ul><ul>“ I have used NetBeans somewhat, and for an IDE written in Swing, it's not bad. The features that Eclipse offers such for refactoring, incremental compilation, debugging, etc. are really hard to beat.” </ul>
  3. 8. <ul>“ This morning we had an ill-timed hard disk failure on eclipse.org.  However it does seem to have unintentionally added to the mystique surrounding IBM's announcement today in the New York Times. ” </ul><ul>OTI Ottawa Lab Director Dave Thomson, November 5, 2001 </ul>
  4. 11. <ul>Eclipse Foundation January 2004 </ul>
  5. 12. <ul>Eclipse Foundation announced </ul>
  6. 13. <ul>First EclipseCon, February 2004 </ul>
  7. 15. <ul>This is a really good book too! </ul>
  8. 16. <ul>“ You probably have pink shag toilet seat covers in your house. Personally I don't like pink shag on my toilet. At any rate, this isn't interior design -- Eclipse is a *tool*, so let's be practical about its appearance so developers will be able to maximize their productivity, not try to land it a spread in Better Homes and Gardens . ” -Eclipsezone comment about new 3.0 look and feel </ul>
  9. 18. <ul>Globalization </ul>
  10. 19. <ul>Netbeans vs Eclipse </ul>
  11. 22. <ul>“ Start with a Platform, and then Use it for Everything. &quot; -Steve Yegge, Google, infamous platform rant </ul>
  12. 23. <ul>Cooperate in open source Compete in the market </ul>
  13. 30. <ul>A 10 year commitment </ul><ul>John Arthorne Grant Gayed DJ Houghton Jeff McAffer Carolyn MacLeod Dani Megert Kim Moir Steve Northover Olivier Thomann Mike Wilson </ul>
  14. 36. <ul>Thank You </ul>
  15. 37. <ul>Photo credits </ul>A huge thanks to Richard Soley, Coreen Tyers, Dave Steinberg, Jim Des Rivieres, John Dumovich, Andre Weinand and Anne Jacko for the use of their pictures <ul><li>Birthday cake http://www.flickr.com/photos/spool32/5045502202/
  16. 38. January 2000 Snowstorm article http://www.wral.com/news/local/story/154459/
  17. 39. Solar Eclipse http://www.flickr.com/photos/luc_viatour/1264349089/
  18. 40. John Dumovich ’ s pictures of original www.eclipse.org server http://duimovich.blogspot.com/2006/11/happy-birthday-eclipse.html
  19. 41. Slashdot article about Eclipse 1.0 release http://slashdot.org/story/01/11/05/144221/ibm-launches-public-domain-project-eclipse
  20. 42. Ottawa Citizen article on Callisto http://www.canada.com/ottawacitizen/news/technology/story.html?id =436e7a0c-2b34-411b-97d9-d59004ba49fb
  21. 43. Melting crayons http://www.flickr.com/photos/darrentunnicliff/4510834607/
  22. 44. Embarcadero Center, San Francisco http://www.flickr.com/photos/thomashawk/497851367/
  23. 45. Pink toilet http://www.flickr.com/photos/24286025@N00/1046724278/
  24. 46. Clean http://www.flickr.com/photos/kevindean/3824688036/
  25. 47. Bangalore road http://www.flickr.com/photos/78391121@N00/335826036/ </li></ul>
  26. 48. <ul>Legal Notice </ul><ul><li>Copyright © IBM Corp., 2007-2011. All rights reserved.  This presentation and the source code in it are made available under the Creative Commons Att. Nc Nd 3.0 license.
  27. 49. Java and all Java-based trademarks are trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the United States, other countries, or both.
  28. 50. Eclipse and the Eclipse logo are trademarks of Eclipse Foundation, Inc.
  29. 51. IBM and the IBM logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of IBM Corporation, in the United States, other countries or both.
  30. 52. Rational and the Rational logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States, other countries or both.
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Notas do Editor

  • Kim: Intro John: Intro Kim: Show of hands - how many people have been using Eclipse for 1 year, 5 years, 10 years?
  • John: This is how what would become Eclipse started Two day meeting, snowstorm of the century that night People stuck in hotel for several days Lots of time for good discussions
  • John: I used to keep track of the amount of time it would take for someone to ask me if “eclipse” was a poke at sun. Record was about 2 min after I’d moved off my title slide. No consiprancy… group of four of us brainstormed names beginning with the long “e” sound. We ended up with Eclipse Kim: many think that open source is altruistic but really it ’s not, at least not entirely.   Our goal in releasing Eclipse as open source was as a competitive play
  • Kim: code was released originally under eclipsecommunity.org . Talk about tech preview John: The eclipse.org domain name was previously owned by a girl ’s soccer league in the US.   Thus we often got emails asking about tournaments for the first few years.  We were not very helpful. I actually met this team at a soccer tournament a couple of years later in NC.
  • Kim: Press release went out Nov 5, 2001. Why it was different, why it was a market disruption. -Unlike most open source projects, there was the expectation that the contributors would ship a product based on it. What we expected What really happened John: Here’s some more press quotes from that day Where the $40M came from. Managers at OTI just added up development expenses for the past two years. The actual number was 38.5million but 40million is a nice round number.
  • Kim: Only ran on Linux and Windows 40MB
  • Kim: Show picture of first eclipse.org server.  Eclipse was released November 7, 2001.  We were unsure what the reaction would be in the community.  It was overwhelming.  The eclipse.org was featur ed on slashdot and the traffic killed our server. Thus we had to patch it together with new drives etc.   A separate downloads server was leased at a hosting service in Phoenix to handle the load.  In time, the OTI lab ’s bandwidth was increased to handle the downloads.  The traffic to our lab was increased and segregated so that the bandwidth for our business needs and eclipse.org was separa te.  This a llowed us to bring the downloads servers back to our lab and off of the hosting service.   As Eclipse became more and more popular, the Apache processes on the downloads servers couldn’t keep up, especially at release time.  In 2003 (release 2.1.3) we started mirroring Eclipse across the world, like other open source projects, so we could utilize their bandwidth.
  • Email from Dave Thomson Nov 5, 2011 “ This morning we had an ill-timed hard disk failure on eclipse.org.  However it does seem to have unintentionally added to the mystique surrounding IBM&apos;s announcement today in the New York Times”
  • John: Eclipse consortium members - list them, how many of these companies still exist (not merged into other companies) Chicago, November 29, 2001 Borland, IBM, MERANT, QNX Software Systems, Rational Software, Red Hat, SuSE, TogetherSoft At that time it was unusual to have commercial offerings based on open source
  • Kim: CDT released in March 21, 2003 EMF Released March 26, 2003 Many project proposals Many platforms added Mirrors worldwide added in September 2004
  • John: Why was the Eclipse Foundation formed? Need a vendor neutral organization to encourage companies to join. Having IBM at the helm was a problem as it was competing with many tools vendors. From a financial perspective, it was better to have an non-profit organization to raise money and pay membership dues.
  • Kim, we announced the incorporation of Eclipse, as a trade association, at the first EclipseCon, 2004
  • John: the first Eclipse Con Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim CA Object Management Group “ The community loves us, but I ’ m sure sick of Disney music. ” - Kevin Haaland Kim: NASA and RCP work
  • Kim: How do know we ’ ve made it? Eclipse For dummies
  • John: This is a really good book too. Publisher sitting next to someone going to EclipseCon
  • Eclipse 3.0 (June 2004) -RCP, New OSGi runtime, New Look and feel Mitchell Baker, Mozilla “UI is always the most contentious issue” votes from the community that an issue should be fixed don ’t always mean that there are resources to implement their feature requests “ Votes, comments on the newsgroups, and so on are helpful suggestions but they don&apos;t have to be followed no matter how much we&apos;d like them to be. The people that are willing to spend money for developer time and other resources for the Eclipse project deserve the right to make those decisions. ” http://www.eclipsezone.com/eclipse/forums/t39451.html?start=0 http://www.eclipsezone.com/eclipse/forums/t39451.html?start=1 5
  • Kim: Callisto - first coordinated release - June 2006 Why a coordinated release? Allowed consuming teams to have a predictable schedule of interoperable components to build their components on. John: IBM perspective – we were already doing this. We pushed for this both because it would make our job easier plus we thought there would be real benefit to community adoption
  • John Eclipse translations were contributed to Callisto by IBM. From this the Babel project was spawned that allowed native speakers to translate Eclipse strings and make it a truly international product. http:// www.zeemaps.com/Eclipsecommittersworldwide We did this to encourage better community participation… help ensure Eclipse over the long term. About 40 translations of one or more projects including Albanian, English (Australian and Canadian) and Klingon
  • Kim: At EclipseCon 2006, some fine ladies appeared at the door handing out water bottles and CDs of the latest Netbeans release. At EclipseCon 2007, we had some showed them Eclipse ladies have class.
  • Kim: Eclipse Summit Europe 2006 - first one Today we are at EclipseCon Europe 2011, the largest and most successful one ever
  • John:Kim: fast forward again to today. Lots of cool stuff continuing at Eclipse. IWGs, Eclipse long term support, affirmation of eclipse as a good place to do open source and business around open source. New projects: 4.2 and Orion. M2M industry working group 4.2 and Orion. 273 projects Next slide: What we did right
  • Kim: Things we did right plugin architecture, platform compatibility between releases
  • John - Sometimes there was conflict between people from different companies working on the same project. That being said, sometimes there were conflicts between people working on the same project and same company. The goal is find a common purpose in the open source community in a productive fashion. At the same time, there the parallel goal to ship products based on the open source offerings + commercial software so that being a member of the eclipse community is a profitable endeavour for the companies that participate. http://eclipse.org/projects/project.php?id=tools.cdt
  • Kim: We made some people very happy
  • Kim: Clean IP
  • John: Commercial friendly governance John: But we also didn’t get some things right
  • Things we could have done better -Kept our API simpler better job in IBM with API cleanliness [jk] better diversity in eclipse platform
  • Kim: -better communication with the community.
  • John: Too much blue in the Eclipse Rainbow IBM “ Control ” of Eclipse
  • John – Is Steve in the audience? [these are 10 year committers who have been active recently]
  • Being a committer sometimes requires a thick skin. Some people have been unkind and called us clowns.
  • Some people have called us babies, because bugzilla makes us cry
  • Others complain that we don ’ t see the world like they do.
  • Or that we have too high standards. The JDT team in 2006.
  • At Eclipse we have the opportunity to build amazing software for a worldwide audience. We prove that open source is a professional endeavour. But most of all, we’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with smart people around the world.
  • Kim: Thank you John Thank you