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Stakeholder Management for Product Managers - ProductTank Paris

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Stakeholder Management for Product Managers - ProductTank Paris

  1. 1. Jean-­‐Yves  SIMON   16  May  2013                  @jysim0n                h:p://fr.linkedin.com/in/jysim0n     Stakeholder Management for Product Managers
  2. 2. POP  QUIZ   The  term  “stakeholder”  refers  to:   A.  The  people  chasing  vampires  in  Twilight   B.  The  ones  eaOng  steaks  with  their  hands  at  Buffalo   grill   C.  Those  who  have  the  interest  and  influence  to   impact  your  product   D.  All  of  the  above  
  3. 3. POP  QUIZ   The  term  “stakeholder”  refers  to:   A.  The  people  chasing  vampires  in  Twilight   B.  The  ones  eaOng  steaks  with  their  hands  at  Buffalo   grill   C.  Those  who  have  the  interest  and  influence  to   impact  your  product   D.  All  of  the  above  
  4. 4. STAKEHOLDER  DEFINED   stake·∙hold·∙er       /ˈstākˌhōldər/     A  person  or  group  who  has  an  interest  in  a  project  and   who  can  be  affected  by  the  results  of  it,  i.e.  a  project  in   which  they  have  a  stake.   The  main  test  of  whether  a  person  is  a  stakeholder  is  whether   or  not  they  have  veto  power,  or  can  otherwise  prevent  your   product  from  launching.  
  5. 5. WHY  IS  STAKEHOLDER  MANAGEMENT  DIFFICULT?   PoliOcs   ConflicOng  objecOves   ConflicOng  prioriOes   Unshared  vision   Human  communicaOon  
  7. 7. DNA Product Manager   Stakeholder mgmt HAS to be part of the  
  8. 8. PRODUCT  MANAGER  RESPONSIBILITIES   ⚈  Iden;fy  who  are  the  stakeholders,   ⚈  Establish  trust  and  communicaOon  with  your   stakeholders   ⚈  Engage  with  stakeholders  conOnuously   ⚈  Adapt  your  speech  to  your  stakeholder   ⚈  Understand  the  consideraOons  and  constraints  of  the   various  stakeholders   ⚈  Bring  stakeholder’s  knowledge  into  the  Feature  team   ⚈  Share  very  openly  what  you  learned  in  the  discovery   phases  to  the  stakeholders  
  9. 9. PRODUCT  MANAGER  RESPONSIBILITIES   If  the  stakeholder  does  not  have   trust  that  you  are  going  to  solve   their  concerns,  then  they  will   either  escalate  or  they  will  try  to   control.  
  11. 11. WHO  CAN  STAKEHOLDERS  TYPICALLY  BE?   Product   Manager  Your   boss   The   Execu;ve   team   CEO/Founder,   leaders  of   markeOng,  sales,   and  technology   (CTO),     Sales   Align  the  product  and   the  business     Finance     To  make  sure  the  product  fits   within  the  financial   parameters  and  model  of  the   company,     Legal     To  make  sure  that   what  you  propose  is   defensible,     Opera;ons/ Support   To  make  sure  what  you  propose   is  scalable,  deployable  and   maintainable     Customers   Partners   Internal   External   Analysts  
  12. 12. ALSO  CONSIDER  THOSE  WHO  HAVE…   ⚈  The  ability  to  impact  your  product   ⚈  The  ability  to  enhance  your  project     ⚈  The  ability  to  slow  down  your  projects  (e.g.,  teams  or   groups  you  depend  on)   ⚈  The  ability  to  remove  impediments   ⚈  The  ability  to  lead  opinions   ⚈  The  ability  to  facilitate  the  change  resulOng  from  your   project   ⚈  The  ability  to  provide  “a  voice  of  reason”  
  13. 13. THE  STAKEHOLDER  MAP   Keep  Informed  Monitor   Keep  Sa;sfied   Ac;vely  Engage   Interest  /  Availability  Low   High   Influence   Low   High   Source:    The  Stakeholder  Management  framework  for  teams,  programs  and  pornolios,     Scaled  Agile,  Inc,  2012  
  14. 14. EXAMPLE  PRODUCT  INFLUENCERS   Product  Managers,     Voice  of  Customers   C-­‐Level,  VP   Professional  Services   Support   Product  MarkeOng,   MarkeOng   Channel   &  Strategic  Alliances   AcquisiOons   Vision,  BoD   APIs,  bug  fixes,  back-­‐ office,  provisioning   tools   PrioriOze  tools  and   performance   Integrate  partner   soluOons   Customer  feedback,   compeOtors  ideas   Surveys,  trade   shows,  analysts,   compeOtors   Planorm  Engineering   &  Deliverability   Integrate    
  17. 17. ⚈  Review  the  product  strategy   ⚈  Update  since  the  last  product  council  (what  have  we   done  since  then)   ⚈  What  are  we  currently  working  on?   ⚈  What  is  ahead  of  us?   ⚈  Review  product  roadmap   ⚈  PresentaOon  of  any  conflicOng     prioriOes   ⚈  Final  decision  on  prioriOzaOon   ⚈  Review  Product  Scorecard   1.  ORGANIZE  A  PRODUCT  COUNCIL   Quarterly  MeeOngs,  can  be  monthly   Chaired  by  Head  of  Product  
  18. 18. 2.  LEVERAGE  INNOVATION  GAMES©   Use  InnovaOon  games  in  Workshops,  product  councils,  steering   commi:ees.  Makes  it  fun  and  engaging  and  ensures  there  is  a   deliverable  at  the  end  of  the  session.  
  19. 19. INNOVATION  GAMES©:  PRUNE  THE  PRODUCT  TREE  +   MOVIE  POSTER   PRUNE  THE  PRODUCT  TREE   For  Roadmap  definiOon   (STORY  of  CEO  showing  it  to   investors)   THE  MOVIE  POSTER   For  priorizing  features  
  20. 20. INNOVATION  GAME©:     BUY  A  FEATURE   ⚈  Buy  a  feature   ➩ 24  cards  (features)     ➩ Each  feature  has  a   price  from  15  to  130   credits   ➩ Each  parOcipant  is   given  100  credits   ⚈  ObjecOve   ➩ Define  Minimum   Viable  Product   ➩ Roadmap   prioriOzaOon  
  21. 21. INNOVATION  GAME©:  THE  SAIL  BOAT   ⚈  Speed  boat   ➩  Reach  the   island   ➩  Anchors  slow   you  down   ➩  Wind  helps   you  go  faster   ⚈  ObjecOve   ➩  Engage  a  team   to  reach  a   target   ➩  IdenOfy   impediments   that  can  slow   the  team  down  
  22. 22. INNIVATION  GAME:  STAKEHOLDER  ANALYSIS   Objec;ve:  Be  in  the  shoes  of  your  Stakeholders.  Describes  the   degree  to  which  a  stakeholder  will  be  affected  by  the  project.  
  23. 23. INNOVATION  GAME©:  CONTEXT  MAP  +  WHOLE   PRODUCT   Objec;ve:  Define  a  Minimum  Viable  Product  (Story  of   parOcipaOon  of  the  CEO)  
  24. 24. 3.  AVOID  PRODUCT  MANAGER'S  OPINION  VS.   STAKEHOLDER'S  OPINION   •  Know  your   customers  and  give   real  use  cases,   that’ll  change  the   conversaOon   •  Move  the  discussion   from  opinions  to   data  and  facts  
  25. 25. Data beats opinion- Google “  
  26. 26. 4.  LEARN  TO  SAY  NO:  LEAVE  THE  FIREFIGHTING  TO   PROFESSIONALS   •  The  PM  job  is  to  be   strategic,  not  be  in   Sales  or  Product   support   •  For  Ome   management,  PMs   have  to  choose  their   ba:le  
  27. 27. 5.  CREATE  &  PUBLISH  A  ROADMAP   •  Agile  does  not  prevent  you  from  creaOng   a  Roadmap   •  Publish  your  Roadmap  internally   •  Review  your  Roadmap  to  stakeholder  at   least  quarterly   •  Create  a  public  and  shareable  “themed”   Roadmap  to  remove  the  recurrent   quesOons  from  your  daily  job  
  28. 28. 6.  ROADMAP  TRADE  OFFS   •  You  can’t  do  everything,  you  have  to   prioriOze,  even  CEO  “shower  Ideas”   •  Every  new  feature  request  pushes  a   Roadmap  feature  out.  LIFO  
  29. 29. 7.  MEASURE  YOUR  PROGRESS  AND  SUCCESS   Measure  and  Report  to  Stakeholders   your:   •  Key  Performance  Indicators   •  Product  adopOon  &  Usage  metrics   •  ROI   •  Your  Scorecard   “What  gets  measured  gets  done”  
  30. 30. Priority   Objec;ve   Indicator   Target   Status   beginning  of   quarter   Status  now   Achieved ?   1   Increase  product  line   revenue  by  50%   Revenue  (in  €)   5M€   2M€   2.5M€   2   Increase  Customer   saOsfacOon   #  of  reference   customers   3   4   5   3   End  Of  Life  Product  X   Product   availability   DD/MM/ YY   On-­‐track   Delayed   4   Ensure  product   compeOOveness  and   quality   #  of  beta   customers   30   0   10   5   Reduce  applicaOon   on-­‐boarding  Ome   Time  spent  on   setup   48h   5d   2h   EXAMPLE  PRODUCT  SCORECARD                             •  Product  Manager:  XXXX   •  Scrum  Master:  XXXX   •  UX:  XXXX   •  QA:  XXXX   •  Developer:  XXXX   •  Developer:  XXXX   •  Developer:  XXXX   •  Developer:  XXXX   Product  Team:    N  persons  full-­‐Ome   done   in-­‐progress   not  done  Legend  
  31. 31. 8.  PLANT  SEEDS  TO  INFUSE  YOUR  IDEAS   “Work  with   stakeholders  unOl   they  know  the   story  so  well  they   are  constantly   telling  and   retelling  it   themselves.”   -­‐  Dane  Howard,  eBay  
  32. 32. 9.  USE  IDEATION  TOOLS   •  Allow  stakeholders  add  and   vote  for  Ideas     •  Tools:  Salesforce  Ideas,  get   SaOsfacOon,  UserVoice   •  Publish  the  Idea  lifecycle  to   ensure  anyone  can   contribute  and  it’s  not   another  blackhole  
  33. 33. 10.  ORGANIZE  YOUR  STAKEHOLDERS  REQUIREMENT   “HARVESTING”   INTERNAL  STAKEHOLDERS  MARKET   Product   Opportunity   Backlog   Feedback  from?   How?   Frequency?   Customers/Users   • On-­‐site  visit   • Conf  call/Webex   • Customer   reference   program   10  visits  per   quarter  per   Product   Manager     • Salesforce  Ideas   ConOnuous   Prospects/ Buyers   • Sales  support   • Trade  shows   Ad  hoc   Partners  &  ISVs   • Sales  support   • Trade  shows     Ad  hoc   Analysts   • On-­‐site  visits   • Conf  call/Webex   Ad  hoc   CompeOtors   • Webinars,  web,   trade  shows,  win/ loss  analisys   ConOnuous   Quarterly   compeOtor   cards   Feedback  from?   How?   Frequency?   C-­‐level/VPs   • Informal,   Product  council   Min.  monthly,  can   be  quarterly   Product     MarkeOng     • MeeOng,  on-­‐ site  or  remote   Monthly   MarkeOng  Com   • PR   opportuniOes   Ad  hoc   Sales   • Sales  support   • Trade  shows   Ad  hoc   Pre-­‐sales   • Product  Update   WebEx   • Informal  emails   Monthly   Client  services   • Client  visits   • Informal  emails   Weekly   Professional   Services   • Conf  call/ Webex   Monthly   Support   • WebEx  MeeOng   Monthly  
  34. 34. SUCCESSFUL  STAKEHOLDER  ENGAGEMENT   ⚈  Success  =  your  stakeholders  respect  you  and  your   contribuOon   ⚈  Your  Stakeholders  trusts:   ➩ You  understand  their  concerns  and  will  ensure   soluOons  work  well  for  them  too   ➩ You  will  keep  them  informed  of  important   decisions  or  changes   ➩ They  give  you  the  room  to  come  up  with  the  best   soluOons  possible  
  35. 35. QUESTIONS?  
  36. 36. HAPPY?  UNHAPPY?  IDEAS?  
  37. 37. RESOURCES  USED   •  Stakeholder  Management,  Marty  Cagan,  2013   •  Some  PracOcal  Tools  For  Stakeholder     •  The  Stakeholder  Management  Framework,  Drew   Jemilo,  2012   •  Management,  Esther  Ham,  2011   •  Managing  Stakeholders  expectaOons  via  Product   Council,  Gopal  Shenoy,  2010   •  h:p://innovaOongames.com     •  h:p://www.gogamestorm.com    

Notas do Editor

  • We will focus on Internal stakeholders onlyStakeholder management is a key activity for Product Managers since a product’s success is largely dependent on the efforts of other departments within a company. Without the involvement of stakeholders, ideas simply remain ideas and consequently, it may be difficult to get products developed and launched. As Product Managers we’re not only called upon to deliver products that add value in the market but also to lead teams to success. Stakeholder management has to be intrinsically part of the Product Manager’s DNA.
  • In a startup there are very few stakeholders because the company is very small and frankly there's not a lot at risk to lose. But in large companies, there are quite a few people there to protect the substantial assets of the company. Specific case for Founder CEO, which is “I had and Idea in the shower this morning”…
  • Source: http://www.slideshare.net/JEMILOD/stakeholder-management-by-drew-jemilo-agile2012
  • http://www.slideshare.net/JEMILOD/stakeholder-management-by-drew-jemilo-agile2012
  • http://productmanagementtips.com/2010/07/26/managing-stakeholder-expectations/I often hold these meetings once a month for an hour. It is a standing meeting that is on every stakeholder’s calendar. The agenda is typically the following:Review the product strategyUpdate since the last product council (what have we done since then)What are we currently working on?What is ahead of us?Review product roadmapPresentation of any conflicting prioritiesFinal decision on prioritization
  • Confirmed ref. customers: chocolapps, Orange, Mundi Juegos, GroupeCheque DejeunerOther potential ref. customers met: ING, DMA UK, GHD