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INTERNAL ROADBLOCKS (contd.)LACK OF BRAND-BUILDING Remaking 'Made in China' (August 2012)

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INTERNAL ROADBLOCKS (contd.)LACK OF BRAND-BUILDING INNOVATION (contd.)Marketers put their innovation Competition in developed internationalefforts toward product and markets requires a price premium, rootedpackage design, and tend to in both value-added—not parity—productsexcel at development: creating or services and strong brand equity. Theincremental improvements to last can be acquired only gradually over time. In these respects, Chinese brands are stillexisting products and services disadvantaged, in many cases grievously so, and notand driving scale. just by a generic fear of anything Made in China.” —TOM DOCTOROFF, JWT North Asia area director and Greater China CEO, author of What Chinese Want Image credit: dcmaster

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