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PLAY AS A COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Play as a Competitive Advantage (July 2012)

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PLAY AS A COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE (cont’d.) PROPERTIES OF PLAYApparently purposeless: Done for its own sake.Voluntary: It is not obligatory.Inherent attraction: It’s fun, and it makes us feel good.Freedom from time: When fully engaged in play, we lose a sense of the passage oftime.Diminished consciousness of self: We stop worrying about whether we look good orawkward, smart or stupid.Improvisational potential: We’re not locked into a rigid way of doing things and aretherefore open to serendipity and chance. The result? We stumble on new behaviors,thoughts, strategies, movements or ways of being.Continuation desire: We desire to keep doing it, and the pleasure of the experiencedrives that desire. Derived from Play, by Stuart Brown, M.D., founder of the National Institute for Play, with Christopher Vaughan