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WHAT IT MEANS (cont’d.)Marketers that Play as a Competitive Advantage (July 2012)

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WHAT IT MEANS (cont’d.)Marketers that speak to the value of play are tapping into an innate human desire. Brands canhelp people reimagine their world and become more active participants in it through play. Thismay mean helping consumers see their day-to-day environment through a more playful lens—asKit Kat has done—or encouraging people to dial down the constant stream of information, imagesand digital conversations so they can focus on real-world doing.Employers seeking to foster play in business need to move away from product without process—focusing on each layer of the problem at hand instead of trying to steamroll through to a specificresult. The willingness to abandon a creation in favor of new, better ideas and solutions, crucialto the play mentality, is a key to nurturing innovation in the business world. Never turn down an opportunity to have fun. Have faith in fun. If you’re really enjoying yourself, then entertain the possibility that you might be doing something that’s good for yourself.” —BERNIE DEKOVEN, game designer, fun theorist and author