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Smc amsterdam sxsw_influencers

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Smc amsterdam sxsw_influencers

  1. 1. Blogs & Influencers #sxsw Kirsten Jassies Productmanager bloggers & social bij online vrouwen van Sanoma Meda @kirst_enj
  2. 2. Social is not over. It is everywhere. Buzzing at #SXSW:• Taking online offline• Being real and authentic more than ever• Hardware is happening like google glass, the digitizer• Serendipity• Visual platforms• Businessmodelling• Disruptive
  3. 3. Influencer: SWISS-MISS designblog, tattly, teudeux app, creative mondays, studiomates11 lifelessons from big influencerTina Roth Eisenberg1. Invest your life in what you love2. Embrace enthusiasm3. Don’t complain, make things better4. Trust and empower5. Value experiences over money6. Surround yourself with like-minded people7. Collaborate with these like-mindedvaluable people8. Ignore “haters”9. Make time to think and breathe10. If an opportunity scares you, take it11. Be someone’s eccentric aunt
  4. 4. Influencer: Jane Pratt editor in chief xojane.com en xovain.com, say media “If someone asks you to water down your vision then you risk losing your passion for what you’re doing.”“People’s default setting is to not like you.” And howdoes Jane deal with that? By responding, by sharingher personal issues and problems, and letting peopleknow they aren’t alone in being screwed up and adriftand unhappy and flawed.“Surround yourself with people who are even freakierthan you”“Honey, I’ve been lying to you for the past 20 years”Circulation numbers are bunk. Journalists know it.Publishers know it. Advertisers and readers do, too.The digital age makes it very difficult to lie aboutreadership numbers so why try?“Getting away from it being about sheer numbers” iswhat Pratt wants. “What I care about is how deeplythe readers are invested.”xoJane’s reader investment metrics include:comments per post, comment likes per post, and sitevisit duration. “The comments to me are the story.”
  5. 5. Online invloed: wat wil je bereiken? Om je online invloed uit te breiden moet je extreem deelbare content creëren en delen. Wat wil je bereiken?• Uniek zijn: persoonlijk, aangrijpend,mooi beeld, humor, etc• Alle content crossmediaal,en denk vanuit het kleinste schermals je iets opzet• Bloggen EN vloggen, video is belangrijk. Erkomt steeds meer longform content• Monitoren over alle kanalen, watis de ROI?• De social kanalen: vine, tumblr, instagram,facebook, pinterest, twitter, G+• Bloggers als journalisten, curatoren,modellen, designers, etc
  6. 6. Iedereen ZICHTBAAR Merken bestaan uit mensen• Mensen vertrouwen mensen• Zichtbaarheid is key op eenpersoonlijke manier• Werken vanuit je passie• Zoek je niche• Meng je in conversaties die alplaatsvinden in jouw niche