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Mais de Junaid Qadir(20)


ICT code of ethics

  1. Lecture
  2. Today’s lecture outline
  3. Ethics
  4. Need: Good life--- حياةطيبة
  5. Islamic law ( Shariah )
  6. What is Islam?
  7. Islamic law ( Shariah )
  8. Basic principle for social conduct
  9. Potential ICT related harm
  11. Netiquette Ethics and Netiquette From: Remember the human Communication on the Internet does not replace/ substitute normal contact.
  12. Netiquette Ethics and Netiquette Don’t abuse your new found anonymity Adhere to the same standards of behavior online that you follow in real life.
  13. Spying and Backbiting Ethics and Netiquette
  14. Netiquette Respect people's time and bandwidth Avoid chain emails; large attachments; Use a subject that defines your email; Always read FAQs (discussion lists). Before forwarding the next chain letter , check at if it’s a hoax
  15. Relaying of unfounded information Ethics and Netiquette
  16. Netiquette Ethics and Netiquette Avoid sloppy language/ grammar Don’t use ALL CAPS (which denotes shouting) Easy on the exclamation marks!!!! Avoid using short forms in formal communication
  17. Respect Ownership Ethics and Netiquette Respect/ acknowledge intellectual property
  18. Using someone’s property unjustly Ethics and Netiquette
  19. Copy/ share/ modify/ sell rights Ethics and Netiquette All Rights Reserved Some Rights Reserved Creative Commons
  20. Creative Commons Ethics and Netiquette ( by: Attribution) ( sa: Share-alike) ( nd: No derivates) ( nc: Non-commercial)
  21. Netiquette Ethics and Netiquette From: Respect other people's privacy
  22. Privacy and Confidentiality
  23. Netiquette Ethics and Netiquette From: Don’t abuse the power entrusted to you
  24. Fulfilling trust
  25. Netiquette Ethics and Netiquette Protect your Haya (modesty) See no evil, hear no evil, do no evil Live an online life of Taqwa ! Taqwa (parable): protecting one’s self on a thorny path
  26. Man is accountable
  27. Code of Ethics
  28. General Moral Imperatives
  29. How to acquire good ethics
  30. 1. Learning about knowledge
  31. What is true knowledge
  32. 2) Company of pious people ( صحبة )
  33. Today’s lecture summary