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Control your Arduino from IFTTT DO button

How to control your Arduino from IFTTT DO button,
using jumpwire.io and gmail.

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Control your Arduino from IFTTT DO button

  1. 1. Control your Arduino from | F'lT| ' Do button
  2. 2. What you make o ON/ OFF your Arduino LED from | F'| T|' Do button app Send ON fritzing 'F1Tr D0 app your Arduino
  3. 3. l/ lake Internet connected LED See quick start guide htt : //www. slideshare. net/ ‘um wire—io/ uick—start—'um wireio fritzing
  4. 4. ,. ~ _ ‘(I 1- rC)'.1’jl‘. l fig 1.. . l F'TFii Div inirifi: :<: wri ~ D<?1VAVl'fl1,1C, Y§lC1 firxai : =.1j', ri; c> f1i‘§'{E; ,;I(‘]1 1i2ii‘g. c*’: grmgir: _*_xr*| L. jrygatmyfinmmj; » séltgjri Iri / ictgl in > Ar’lr‘l ‘sit 5fII‘It. =.l11 Kaftfltixa at-If-fb». I:(a-l1‘gn= 0) 4- G mail 4; )-In= au= r.I fl= wlt(=1-11:l= On an my home? Ln someone know Send someone your location via email V Send your sweatic an D° K ‘'I love yeul"SMS no ‘ M Blink your lights . ... ... ... ,.. ... ..m min ~-_: i flocomu lit 15 As « - 1 jun: pwiretin <ili<i1ri1lrlL. .r’; i."iic> rmxct.
  5. 5. Add ON button 0 To: mai1@api. jumpwire. io o Body: 5"“ {"token": "YourSecretToken", "project": "A", "key": "A", "value": 1 } (— Create a Recipe P‘ 5'"*“"""= *' N To Iddusx maI| @api. jumpwIre. io Choose an Action N Subject °“ 0 Also make “OFF button” "“°“’ 1'Iol<en“: "VourSecretTol<erI'. {"token": "YourSecretToken", ‘W“”“W”W“’ llpr‘OjeCtll: llAll’ llkeyll: IIAII’ "value": 0 } N Aluchmonl um
  6. 6. Test it Send ON Send OFF
  7. 7. Troubleshooting tips Youcansee| ogsatpagesbebmL o IFTTT’s “Recipe logs” htt s: ifttt. com 10 s O Gmail’s “Sent Mail” htt 5: mail. 00 le. com mail u 0 ? shva=1#sent o jumpwiPe. io’s Console htt s: console. 'um wiPe. io Usually it will take about 10 seconds before the mail delivered to jumpwire. idssewen