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Honda Motors Digital Strategy

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Anes Ademovic

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Honda Motors Digital Strategy

  1. 1. Created By:@anesademovic
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONTo raise awareness amongst adults ages 25 to 40 through: 1. Social Media • Twitter • Facebook 2. SEO • Google AdWords 1. Key Performance Indicators • New Customers Gained KPI • Demographic Based KPI • Click-To-Purchase Activity KPI
  3. 3. TARGET AUDIENCE• Age: 25-40• Demographics: • College Educated • Beginning Stages of Career • Family Oriented • Middle-Age • Mid-Career
  4. 4. CLOSER LOOK AT KPI New Customers Gained KPI (NCG) • This KPI will show how many new customers have been acquired from ads they have seen and clicked. Demographic Based KPI • Using the information provided by the NCG indicators. This will show us significant statistics whether or not the digital strategy is attracting the target audience with the right ads. Click-To-Purchase Activity KPI • This indicator will provide the amount of clicks we receive and how many clicks it takes to receive a purchase or lease of a Honda Vehicle.• Ex. Ads will generate 40,000 clicks nationally and out of those clicks, 4 vehicles have been purchased or leased.
  5. 5. THE BIG IDEA #HondaChamps On Twitter and Facebook Share, Like, Retweet Potential Viral Campaign Incentives and Prizes Interaction
  6. 6. TACTICSGoogle AdWords• Keywords and Phrases • Why? • To generate ads that will provide information to the customer and information to US about the customer. Twitter Hashtag • #HondaChamps • Why? • It will allow for customer interaction and trend setting. The goal is to promote Honda vehicles while having the feeling of being a champion.
  7. 7. USER FACEBOOK INTERACTION• Facebook Page Dedicated to HondaChamps1. Prize incentives for most likes2. Creative Pictures of you and your Honda3. Promoting Honda Motors4. User to User interaction5. Upload-Share-LikeWhy? It is a fun way for customers of Honda to interact and become creative using the #HondaChamps hashtag. Facebook does not drive sales, but it does drive information and user interaction. Prizes will incentivize customers to share and upload their photos with their Honda.
  8. 8. BUDGET INFORMATION• Inexpensive• High Potential$500,000.00 Spending Money on:1. Google AdWords ($47,410)2. Facebook and Twitter Prizes ($50,000)3. Agency Fees ($210,000 ~ 1 Month of Campaign Building)4. Advertisements on Facebook and Twitter (Promoted Hashtag) ($192,590)
  9. 9. CONCLUSION• Using key performance indicators and the quantitative information that they provide, we will be able to track how much of an effect this Digital Strategy is having on Honda Motors and their Sales amongst males ages 25 to 40. Using Social sites such as twitter and Facebook with trademarked campaigns that will drive traffic and raise awareness will be key in completing a successful campaign. Using Google AdWords to create keywords and phrases that will allow for Honda ads to be SEO and visible online as the first option for individuals searching for new car specials and offers. Tracking information these clicks will provide is a necessity in gaining the proper information on whether or no the campaign is working.
  10. 10. THANK YOU #NMDL• Questions?