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Value Proposition Canvas (explained)

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This deck explains what the Value Proposition Canvas (aka Designer) is, how it relates to the well-known Business Model Canvas, and what to keep in mind when using it.

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Value Proposition Canvas (explained)

  1. 1. Value Proposition DesignerJulius ParrisiusSales & Mktg @lengoo.deE-Mail: julius.parrisius@lengoo.deTwitter: @jrparrisiusBlog: juliusparrisius.wordpress.com
  2. 2. Image Source: Alex Osterwalder, businessmodelgeneration.com
  3. 3. Image Source: Alex Osterwalder, JAM9 building blocks
  4. 4. © Alex Osterwalder, Flickr.com
  5. 5. Image Source: Alex Osterwalder, businessmodelgeneration.com
  6. 6. © Alex Osterwalder, Flickr.comGoal: product-market fit
  7. 7. What jobs is she trying toget done?(functional, social, emotional etc…)© Alex Osterwalder, Flickr.com
  8. 8. What pains does she have?(Emotions, cost, situations, risks…)© Alex Osterwalder, Flickr.com
  9. 9. What gains is she hoping for?(functional, social, emotional, costs etc…)© Alex Osterwalder, Flickr.com
  10. 10. © Alex Osterwalder, Flickr.comOn which products/services is your VP based?(in-/tangible, digital/virtual, financial, …)
  11. 11. © Alex Osterwalder, Flickr.comHow are they pain killers?(Emotionen, Kosten, Situationen, Risiken …)
  12. 12. © Alex Osterwalder, Flickr.comHow are they deliveringgains?(funktional, sozial, emotional, Kosten …)
  13. 13. It‘s not just this… …it‘s both together!Image Source: Alex Osterwalder, businessmodelgeneration.com
  14. 14. © marthax, Flickr.com1. What‘s the spider of your industry?Two things to keep in mind in the process:
  15. 15. …think of a spider graph.key comp. factor 1key comp. factor 2key comp. factor 3……relative market positionrelative market positionrelative market position……
  16. 16. 2. Which type of customer are you targeting?Solution of competition?Ugly work-around /no solution?
  17. 17. © Alex Osterwalder, Flickr.comNow you do it:Design a value proposition for your case.
  18. 18. Thank you! Questions?Julius ParrisiusSales & Mktg @lengoo.deE-Mail: julius.parrisius@lengoo.deTwitter: @jrparrisiusBlog: juliusparrisius.wordpress.com