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Skillz krafterz ppt

  1. 1. About Skillz Krafterz • Skillz Krafterz offers an Internationally Accredited Soft Skills Training Programs to Individuals / Corporates and Education sectors. The Training activity is carried out under Skillz Krafterz Academic Training Initiatives. We have been conducting various training programs both in education and the corporate sectors. Skillz Krafterz have also been a partner of corporate in their Campus Connect initiative to run the Human Resource & Soft Skills training sessions. • Many a times, non up gradation of Knowledge/Skills of an individual could result in non-performance. Our real time industry experts assist individuals/ universities/ organizations in addressing this concern. • Skillz Krafterz Soft Skills Training Library Suite offers comprehensive training in the soft skills that are so necessary for success- all at the best value you'll find anywhere. Whether you are an individual looking to develop your marketable skills and advance your career, or an employer looking to optimize your resources by providing quality training to your employees, Skillz Krafterz has an Internationally Accredited training solution to suit your needs.
  2. 2. Skillz Krafterz is a performance enhancement company specializing in training and development of individuals and organizations. Our Core Purpose: “Building competencies with fun.” Our Core Value: 1. Customer delight 2. Honoring commitments 3. Continuous learning and innovation 4. Growth for all stake holders
  3. 3. Our Vision: To make Skillz Krafterz training solutions a dynamic vibrant value based learning organization to deliver desired outcome for their clients and participants involved. We believe in bringing out sea change transformation through our customized and creative training solutions and workshops. Our Mission: To provide executive coaching and soft skill training of optimum quality through team of trainers who are constantly upgrading to achieve their highest potential and our enthusiastically empowering others to help them evolve professionally and personally.
  4. 4. Our Team At Skillz Krafterz we are meticulous in screening our trainers and facilitators to enable continuous success. We consider our team of trainers as an asset as they carry industry specific skills and caliber. We take pride in the quality and potential of our trainers who are enthusiastic, vibrant and sensitive to their audience or participants.
  5. 5. Why Soft skills? Soft skills are essential for professional and business success. Corporate training and educational institutions concentrate on equipping individuals with technology and industry knowledge. Though these are core entities for business operations, businesses can become ineffective if employees are not well trained with soft skills. Investing in employee training helps organizations… • Build effective teams • Increase employee engagement • Create a sense of fulfillment and belongings • Equip their people with proven tools of human effectiveness • Improve employee retention • Optimize team productivity
  6. 6. Softskills Training We at Skillz Krafterz help out Individuals, Corporates and Education sectors in developing some of these selected soft skills: • 6 thinking Hats • Business Etiquette • Anger Management • Marketing Skills • Negotiation Skills Communication Skills • Corporate Grooming & Finishing • Social Etiquette • Team Building Skills • Conversational Skills • English Communication Skills • Goal Setting • Telephonic Sales Skills • Cross Culture Etiquette • Interpersonal Skills • Leadership Skills • Train the Trainers • Enhancement Listening Skills • Voice & Accent Skills
  7. 7. Softskills Training • Presentation Skills • Public Speaking Skills • Work Culture Etiquette • Anger Management • Dining Etiquette • Interview Skills • Social Media Skills • Time Management • Sales Skills • Assertiveness • Conflict Management • Accent Training • Building the Team • Business Etiquette • Business Writing • Change Management • Coaching & Mentoring
  8. 8. Methodology
  9. 9. Training Methodology  Interactive Lecture  Experiential activities  Role Plays/Mock Drills  Simulation Games  Assessments and Questionnaires  Workbook Activities  Case Studies  Training Videos
  10. 10. Tailor Made Modules for following Industries :  Real Estate  Chain of stores  Corporate companies  Educational Sectors  Garments  Pharmaceuticals  Hospitality  Government Bodies  IT & Non IT Sectors  Travel Industry  Manufacturing  Automobile  Mines Sector  Hospitals  Banks  Retail Chains, Transport & Jewelry Stores
  11. 11. Our Clients
  12. 12. Contact Us SKILLZ KRAFTERZ (+91)-9902911317 (+91)- 8884926939 weekends-wonder-events@blogspot.com skillzkrafterz@gmail.com