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Estades argó 2016

  1. ESTADES ARGÓ 2016 Departament de Filologia Anglesa i Germanística Montse Burgaya Júlia Gorini Mary-Ann Johnson
  2. Introduction • Why did we want to come to the Estades ARGÓ? • Why did we choose the English Departament?
  3. OVERVIEW • EFLIC Research Group • Transcription task assistance • Mireia’s research • Attending TFG presentations • Phonetics course • Treball de Recerca
  4. EFLIC Research Group EFLIC is an emerging research group interested in the acquisition of English as a foreign language in instruction contexts. Members: • Elisabet Pladevall • Montserrat Capdevila • Arnau Cunill • Alexandra Vraciu • Eloi Puig
  5. Transcription task assistance • Objective: investigate the English level of Catalan students. • In this project some students (Escola d’Alba and INS Banús) were recorded while they spoke about two pictures. Now the information/data will be analyzed to make research on: • Fluency • Accuracy • Complexity • ...
  6. A transcripted audio While we were listening to the audio we had to write what the students said down.
  7. Production and comprehension data analysis • Objective: TWO EXPERIMENTS i.e. Què diu que farà la Maria? Diu que un pastís. Translation: She says a cake. Production Acceptability To determine: a) How brief subordinate replies are translated b) And how they are understood
  8. Attending TFG presentations • We attended: • A vowel comparison of Australian English and RP • Generic Reference: a Comparison between English and Catalan Languages • Portrayal of African American English in Mainstream Media • Laughter Leading to Madness: The Intertwining of Humor and Terror in the Short Stories by Edgar Allan Poe • Technology, Mankind and Dystopia in Well’s The Time Machine
  9. Phonetics course • Working on our pronounciation using a new methology: • By miming • By singing • By acting • By repetition • By talking to each other • Participants: • Students from the English department • Some students from the French department • Bernadette Stmart (teacher)
  10. Treball de Recerca • Searching information • Going to the library to look for bibliography • Speaking with experts about our TdR
  11. Conclusion • We learned how to analyze information. • We learned how to do a better oral presentation by attending to TFGs. • We improved on our phonetics.
  12. Thanks for your attention!