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Look to your soul

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Inspired by the song "Look to your soul", written by James Hendricks, sung by Johnny Rivers

Publicada em: Diversão e humor
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Look to your soul

  1. 1. Our vast social-primate brains evolved to pursue one central social goal:to look good in the eyes of others — GEOFFREY MILLER, Evolutionary Psychologist
  2. 2. Tryin to be lost myself I nearly someone else
  3. 3. All of my life Ive been playin the game
  4. 4. Gotta get out of myself, it seems
  5. 5. Lifes not real when youre in a dream
  6. 6. Hang onto your head and give it a try
  7. 7. To live you must nearly die
  8. 8. Giving up the need to say "I"
  9. 9. Look to Look to your soul answer your soul for the
  10. 10. So many people passing by
  11. 11. Have a need to identify
  12. 12. All of us want to be satisfied
  13. 13. Few people seem to care
  14. 14. Livin a life that leads nowhere
  15. 15. Nobody takes the time to try
  16. 16. To live you must nearly die
  17. 17. Giving up the need to say "I"
  18. 18. Just look to your soul for the answer Look to your soul