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Amazon EC2: What is this and what can I do with it?

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Amazon EC2: What is this and what can I do with it?
Short description and scheme of essential services of AWS

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Amazon EC2: What is this and what can I do with it?

  1. 1. Amazon EC2: What is this and whatcan I do with it?
  2. 2. IndexWhat is this?FeaturesService schemeEssential servicesRecommended and useful servicesSecurity credentialsEC2Access securityEBSS3Utilities
  3. 3. What is EC2?EC2 is a group of remote services, provided for Amazon, that make up a cloud computing platform.You can access to this services through HTTP, SOAP and REST
  4. 4. FeaturesScalableOn demandProductivity
  5. 5. Services scheme Web Interface Command Line UtilitiesManagement Console Interfaz AWS Toolkit Eclipse Monitoring Delivery content CloudWatch Amazon Cloudfront Storage Networking Databases Compute Amazon VPC Amazon S3 ElasticLB Amazon RDSAmazon EC2 Amazon SimpleDB Amazon EBS Amazon Route 53 Amazon phisical infrastructure
  6. 6. Essential services Storage Amazon S3 Amazon EBS Compute Amazon EC2
  7. 7. Recommended services Monitoring CloudWatch Delivery content Amazon Cloudfront Networking Amazon VPC ElasticLB Amazon Route 53
  8. 8. Security credentialsThere are 3 types of access:Passwords (REST)X.509 certificate(SOAP)Pair of keys (EC2 and Cloudfront)
  9. 9. Amazon EC2Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)It is a rental service server per hours.Based in XEN. Compute Amazon EC2
  10. 10. Amazon EC2Geographically distributed to give a high disponibility and decrease the latency.4 regions and 10 zones:‣ US-East (North. Virginia) us-east-1{a,b,c,d}‣ US-West (North. California) us-west-1{a,b}‣ EU (Ireland) eu-west-1{a,b}‣ Asia Pacific (Singapore) ap-southeast-1{a,b}
  11. 11. Amazon EC2Amazon Machine Image = Virtual Image(SO + Apps) that is loaded on a instance in virtual plattform. Storage in S3. Can be public, private or shared.
  12. 12. Amazon EC211 different types of instances.Change CPU, memory, size of hard drive and I/O performance depend on the instance.
  13. 13. Amazon EC2Every instances at time of booting only have a ephemeral drives mounted on the system.If you want permanent storage you have to use EBS (Elastic Block Store)
  14. 14. Access securitySecurity Group: group of security rules that can be used in more than one server.Allow to define security directives(TCP/UDP port access by host, networks, and other security groups).
  15. 15. EBSStorage Volumes to use in EC2 instances Persistent storage. Between 1GB up to 1 TB of size. “Raw”. Identified in the system as /dev/sdXOnly available in the same zone of your server. Storage Amazon S3 Amazon EBS
  16. 16. EBSSnapshots. Clone, backup,...“EBS Backed instances”. Instances that are mounted on a EBS storage device instead of a ephemeral storage device.
  17. 17. S3File storage and backup service.Files between 1 byte up to 5 GB, storaged in buckets.Redundant and distributed storage in each region.Acces through SOAP and REST. Storage Amazon S3 Amazon EBS
  18. 18. S3Security defined per archive.Files can be public and available by httpsAWS import/export for a considerable amount of data.
  19. 19. UtilitiesCLI (http://aws.amazon.com/developertools):Amazon EC2 API toolsAmazon EC2 AMI tools aws (http://www.timkay.com/aws/) GUI AWS Management console (web) ElasticFox (Plugin Firefox for EC2)