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6 Signs You're Viewed As A Poor Employer

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Your company wants – and deserves – the top talent in its industry. Ever wonder why you’re not attracting these candidates? A poor employment brand could be to blame. The truth is, the best candidates aren’t looking at your job posts.

By showcasing your company on CAREEREALISM, you’ll have the unique opportunity to reach the job candidates your company wants. Share your story. Discover great talent. Add your company to our growing list of savvy employers!

Just like every professional has a personal brand, every company has something called an employment brand. It defines the company’s values, what makes the company great, and why employees love working there.

Remember the saying “show, don’t tell”? Employment branding develops your company’s story in a way that showcases the unique characteristics that define your brand and culture.

So, why is it so important for every company to have a strong employment brand? Watch the our video and find out.


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