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A Powerpoint Summary of Robert Gupta's "Between Music and Medicine" TED talk.

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  1. 1. Jonathan T. GiffinPublic Speaking-Oct. 2012 Robert Gupta: Between Music and Medicine
  2. 2.  Robert Gupta is a World-Renown Violinist who got his start at a very early age, with his solo debut at only 11 years old with the Israel Philharmonic, and by the age of 19 held a seat in the LA Philharmonic, also having the distinct pleasure of studying at Julliard. Gupta holds a masters degree in Music, but as an undergraduate studied pre-med, and has gone on to conduct tons of research in the realm of Neurosciences, namel y in the fields of spinal regeneration and Parkinsons disease.
  3. 3. In his TED Talktitled, “BetweenMusic andMedicine”Gupta tells afew very moving He explains that scientistsand inspiring are discovering the vaststories of his medical properties andstruggle to healing qualities thatdecide between music has on the Humanhis “obsession” mind…with music andhis love ofneurobiologyand MusicTherapy.
  4. 4. “Musicians have fundamentally differentbrain structures than non-musicians...” Music helps patients with stress/depression, children with autism, parkinson’s disease sufferers’ tremors, and recognition of songs learned as a child for late stage alzheimer’s patients who can’t even
  5. 5. Gupta also has the privilege of being the Violininstructor of Nathaniel Ayers, the diagnosed mentallyill, homeless double-bassist and former Julliardstudent whose story is featured in “The Soloist”.
  6. 6. DYNAMISM: 4.5/5 Robert Gupta’s approach to speaking is to bring the minds of the listeners in through emotional connection. Sometimes a little more humor within such a serious subject can help, but overall his presence on stage and extreme confidence supersedes all.
  7. 7.  One of the main ideas used by Gupta in his speech is the engagement of the audience through storytelling as explained by Nancy Duarte…Through storytelling, the audience is able to imagine a sense of intrinsic bonding spiritually and emotionally with the story itself.
  8. 8. Both Robert Gupta and Ken Robinson speak with extremepassion and enthusiasm which is vital in a presentation. They show adeep level of knowledge and desire to brighten others minds to theideas they spread forth.
  9. 9. Tips for the Future… In my opinion, the single most important thing toremember when giving a speech is to put life into yourwords. Through emotional and personal stroytelling aswell as deep passion and excitement for your topic, youcan engage, intrigue, and interact with your audience on amore spritual level. By also adding other auditory or visualaids such as Gupta’s introduction and closing of violinsolos, you produce an extra element of connection withthe subject matter. This provides a break from themonotony that can arise from only spoken words andallows the other senses to heighten the learningexperience.