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Introducing HelpMeViz

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HelpMeViz enables anyone to receive feedback on data visualization work in progress, projects they’ve already published but may want to revisit, or to see how others might have approached the data differently. The idea is to tap into the knowledge and expertise of the data visualization community to collect different viewpoints and ideas about how to visualize data.

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Introducing HelpMeViz

  1. 1. Introducing HelpMeViz this is Billy
  2. 2. HelpMeViz taps into the knowledge of the community to help people with their visualizations
  3. 3. All types of visualizations are welcome Stand-alone graphs Infographics Interactive visualizations Sketches
  4. 4. Send your visualization and a description of your challenges to HelpMeViz@gmail.com HelpMeViz@gmail.com
  5. 5. And join the conversation HelpMeViz.com
  6. 6. Contact HelpMeViz@gmail.com @HelpMeViz HelpMeViz.com Attributions Brain by Samuel Dion-Girardeau from The Noun Project Network by Bruno Castro from The Noun Project Cursor by Brandon Keelean from The Noun Project Infographic by Desbenoit from The Noun Project Email by iconoci from The Noun Project