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A dozen new figures about Social Media

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This provides an adaptation from Dix-Katre's Slideshare "10 nouveaux Chiffres" dealing with social media.

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A dozen new figures about Social Media

  1. 1. presents A dozen new figures that may help you u pgrade your position about the professional use o f social media* Adapted by Jean-Pierre Ranschaert @LIVErtising
  2. 2. I n the US claim they use BLOGS to find ideas for their articles or to illustrate them with concrete examples* Source : Brodeur New Media Journalist Survey 75% of journalists
  3. 3. d aily messages (= tweets) s ent or R E tweeted on Twitter c onvey information a bout a brand o r a company Source : Penn State Study * This « only » represents 20 % of the 3 million daily tweets 600 000*
  4. 4. surfers claim they TRUST their friends’ recommendations 90% 70% s urfers show TRUST in recommendations from unknown surfers (on blogs, forums…) 42% s urfers claim they TRUST advertising
  5. 5. * In 2010 , this generation will outnumber Baby-boomers 96% of generation Y* subscribes to social networks
  6. 6. Women with children at home more likely to engage in social networking than average adults 4,206 moms and 22,624 adults 18+ - Source: Retail Advertising and Marketing Association ( RAMA)
  7. 7. Today on the web 1 search in 4* <ul><li>for the most famous 20 world brands provides UGC </li></ul><ul><li>( User Generated Content ) </li></ul>* and only 1 in 5 leads to content generated by the brand itself
  8. 8. Apple got 1,349,219 mentions on Twitter in the last single week of January 2010 Source: http://www.tweetedbrands.com/
  9. 9. Social networks are becoming most popular communication channel second only to phone , before text messaging and email * 300 respondent in Boston – Source: Prompt Communications
  10. 10. ROI for a social media campaign (CTR 7%) compared with a display banner campaign (CTR 0,5%) … and twice as efficient as an e-mail campaign (CTR 3,9%) Source : Socialmediatodayblog.com 35 X as efficient
  11. 11. 20 times as much <ul><li>This is what consumers who are emotionally engaged with the brand / company consume in comparison with the average consumer </li></ul>* Actually your heavy corporate report is NOT conductive to engagement. Though we understand it makes YOU feel more confident. Source : Ogilvy Emotional Loyalty Index, quoted by SixApart.
  12. 12. of American marketing professionals claim they have measured an i nfluence of social media on their brand’s reputation 48%
  13. 13. of these professionals name blogs as the most efficient communication tool to develop corporate culture Source : Nielsen 47%
  14. 14. I s the time it takes you to contact us at www.dix-katre.com or visit www.LIVErtising.net/blog 1 second