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JPCL jz300434c Li Presentation

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JPCL jz300434c Li Presentation

  1. 1. Polymer Single Crystal asMagnetically Recoverable Support for Nanocatalysts Bin Dong, David L. Miller, Christopher Y. Li Department of Material Science and Engineering, Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 2012, Vol. 3, 1346-1350
  2. 2. Motivation Can polymer single crystal be used as a catalyst support? General requirement for catalyst support •High surface area to volume ratio •High catalyst loading •Recyclability •Versatility •Chemical inertnessPolymer single crystal meets all the above requirements!!!
  3. 3. Why polymer single crystal???•Thin (about 8nm)•High surface area to volume ratio (equivalent to 12nm nanoparticle)•Easy fabrication (self seeding method)•Mass production (solution crystallization)•Uniform in size, shape and thickness (little variations)•Easy end functionalization (SH, OH, COOH, NH2, Silane et al.)•Easy nanoparticle immobilization (AuNP, MNP, QD, et al.) How to realize it???
  4. 4. Dual functionalization enables the immobilization of two types of nanoparticle materials Dual functionalizationFunctions of nanoparticles:• PtNP: catalyst for chemical reaction• Fe3O4NP: magnetic responsive material for fast recycling
  5. 5. High loading of both PtNP and Fe3O4 NP!!!Loading of nanocatayst as high as 20% by weight Two different particles clearly visible PSC/PtNP PSC/PtNP/Fe3O4NP
  6. 6. Synergetic interaction Catalytic activity booster!!! PSC/PtNP/Fe3O4NP is 5 times more catalytic active than PSC/PtNP catalyst 4-nitrophenol 4-aminophenol PSC/PtNP PSC/PtNP/Fe3O4NP PtNP in PtNP/Fe3O4NP ensemble is electron rich due to the electron transfer from Fe3O4NP to PtNP
  7. 7. Fully recyclable and reusableFast seperation!!! Up to 4 times!!!
  8. 8. Conclusion• Polymer single crystal can be used as magnetically recyclable nanocatalyst support• Polymer single crystal is capable of immobilizing two different nanoparticles on its surface with high loading with PtNP as the nanocatalyst and Fe3O4NP as the magnetic responsive material• The synergetic interaction between PtNP and Fe3O4NP brings enhanced catalytic activity• Fast recycling and fully reusableAcknowledgementThis work was supported by the NSF (DMR-0804838 and CMMI-1100166). TEMexperiments were carried out at the Drexel’s Centralized Research Facility. We wouldlike to thank Dr. Timothy Wade for assisting AFM experiments.