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Digital learning – the Danish way Marianne Klöcker Educational Advisor, Denmark

  1. Pedagogical learning centre focusing on digital learning
  2. The purpose is skilled digital citizens Is it an important task in schools? If yes you could ask yourself: Why? Take a break – two minute alone with your thoughts
  3. The professionel grown ups - the students & pupils How can the school help students into a society with big data? Internet of things? Surveillance? Registration? And so on…
  4. To be a skilled digital citizen
  5. Three proposals…
  6. Afulltimeclassroomteacher
  7. If ICT should be able to promote learning, the school must be able to expand the students' practices by giving them other relevant ways of using the equipment Institutt for lærerutdanning og skoleforskning, Norge
  8. ICT is not just another technology ICT stretches our mental ability and gives us radically new opportunities
  9. Ministry of Education executive order
  10. Networking security
  11. Denmark – 98 municipalities
  12. Albertslund – one of 98 municipalities
  13. 21century skills Self evaluation Communication Creativity and innovation To construct knowledge Collaboration Ict og learning
  14. Innovative student - planning of innovation and entrepreneurship Understand - Develop ideas – Realize - Evaluate
  15. The way(s) to decide PLC- network knowledge from fx colleagues Six schools special knowlegdes different subjects Expenses – license fee Local money Grant from the Ministry of Education
  16. Digital learning/teaching materials Publisers - each school year – licens - different publisers Decisions - subjets Financing - national - local
  17. An examble
  18. Practice – Pedagogical Centre Albertslund
  19. Different initiatives in Albertslund
  20. Maker Space at school
  21. Different use
  22. Different strategies
  23. The hen and the egg - what´s first? Devices Digital learning material Collaboration Communikation Please write about the hen and the egg? -