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Tips - How to Build Portable Chicken Coops

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Tips - How to Build Portable Chicken Coops

  1. 1. Tips – How to Build Portable Chicken Coops How to Build a Chicken Coop
  2. 2. I wanted to share a few tips on building portable chicken coops; the chickens themselves, and some common sense approach if you are looking at building your own chicken coop at home, plus some important health and safety concerns. What ever your thoughts were regarding shape, size, location, one important factor to consider is safety and health with birds present close to home. This is a critical point, and concern, at the beginning stage of planning your chicken coop design layout. The first concern is the design itself, and how to build a portable system. This should be taken seriously, regardless of size and location, which I will touch on in a moment. Here are a few common sense-simple tips to think about, to achieve a portable system design concept. Small chicken coops can easily be designed for either lifting, or adding wheels at the legs, and at least 2 people can manage to relocate. Medium size chicken coops can be relocated using a tractor, forklift, ATV, snow mobile, other. What is important, is the structure stability, and frame strength, to endure the move itself, at best with the chickens still inside could be ideal. Large scale chicken coops . Many people use this large design, as a reason not to make portable, however just as important, it can be designed in sections, or modular,
  3. 3. similar to many homes today. A completed section, possibly with skids, rails already designed in, to drag to the new location. Some of the health concerns associated with chickens close to home are the chicken droppings. Over time a fungal dust can develop, and become airborne. Certainly not an immediate danger, however with children it is something to plan around carefully, leaving your options open for best location, and portability. Maintenance is a must do, for simple safety factors. Airborne fungal dust can cause lung irritation, especially in people with allergy sensitive conditions, and very much so in people suffering from asthma at a young age can be very dangerous. The fungal dust is something that builds over time, and peaks, at 3 years. So a portable system allows for easy maintenance in reasonable periods of time, say every 6 months you should relocate. There are other reasons to consider a portable system I will touch on briefly. One is the direction of the sun rise, and sun set. This does change with seasons, and important to shade the coop for the chickens as well. The ventilation is also important factor, and needs to be considered. A portable system gives you the flexibility to manage these important factors. A constant breeze from a given direction is great, be portable, take advantage of nature at work. There are many designs and plans available for portable chicken coops, even a build it yourself design. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/4623788 How to Build a Chicken Coop
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