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The Networked Public Physician: Will you take the plunge?

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Slides for my talk to the 1st year medical students at the University of Michigan about the transformative power of social media. Check out the homework I gave ahead of time! http://joyceisplayingontheinter.net/andtweetingwithmedstudents.html

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The Networked Public Physician: Will you take the plunge?

  1. 1. Joyce Lee, MD, MPH Doctor as Designer Twitter: @joyclee http://bit.ly/umichmed #umichmed *Title inspired by @Doctor_V http://bit.ly/1GJkrXG The Networked Public Physician*: Will you take the plunge?
  2. 2. Social Media/Web Editor of JAMA Pediatrics
  3. 3. Pediatric Endocrinologist Associate Professor Clinical/Health Services Researcher
  4. 4. Obesity & Type 2 diabetes: Biomarkers/Child Health Policy Type 1 diabetes: Learning Health Systems Mobile Technology/Data Visualization/ Participatory Design/Online Communities
  5. 5. 71 publications NIH R01 funding
  6. 6. Healthdesignby.Us
  7. 7. What is Twitter? It’s a microblogging platform, a place to have a conversation
  8. 8. @SeattleMamaDoc @Doctor_V @EndoGoddess @Dermdoc @kidney_boy Your name? Your specialty? It’s up to you
  9. 9. @egghead
  10. 10. Tweet 140 characters
  11. 11. Link Shortener
  12. 12. #hcsm #s4pm #aca #meded #quantifiedself #digitalhealth #dsma #bcsm Hashtag
  13. 13. Mention
  14. 14. Reply
  15. 15. RT = Retweet MT = Modified Tweet h/t = Hat tip
  16. 16. Following & Followers
  17. 17. So now you know how to use Social Media, but why would a doctor use it?
  18. 18. Plus, haven’t you heard that “social media and medicine is a dangerous mix”?
  19. 19. BMJ, 2012“Professionalism and social media can be an uneasy mix...”
  20. 20. Remember HIPAA!Don’t talk about patients, even in general terms If you wouldn’t say it in an elevator, don’t say it online
  21. 21. 12-word Social Media Policy from Mayo Clinic “Don’t Lie, Don’t Pry” “Don’t Cheat, Can’t Delete” “Don’t Steal, Don’t Reveal”
  22. 22. What is appropriate for a physician in a public space?
  23. 23. You are a Public Physician whether you like it or not
  24. 24. Conversations cannot be controlled, they can only be joined -Facebook Effect
  25. 25. Don’t be like Dr. Oz but check out these other examples of MDs online
  26. 26. A window into the patient experience
  27. 27. Diabetes Online Community #doc myglu.org
  28. 28. Learn about patient-generated reviews, hacks, and tips
  29. 29. iSeismometer app + Continuous Glucose Monitor
  30. 30. Glucose Sensor + Flovent
  31. 31. Learn about a patient-designed future of mobile technology and social media for health
  32. 32. 12,000+ members
  33. 33. Work with online communities and tools to conduct patient- centered research
  34. 34. Conduct and translate your research
  35. 35. #mybrain
  36. 36. #dataviz
  37. 37. AHRQ grant- Personalized patient-centered data visualizations for diabetes
  38. 38. 11:23 AM
  39. 39. 11:41 AM
  40. 40. 11:49 AM
  41. 41. 12:07 PM
  42. 42. Is an amazing and generous community of individuals always willing to help
  43. 43. Tweetchats
  44. 44. The Uro-Twitterati
  45. 45. Create new opportunities for open science
  46. 46. Only pt with NGLY-1
  47. 47. 16 cases worldwide Parent advocacy/fundraising Treatments Clinical Trials
  48. 48. AHRQ  grant  
  49. 49. Social media is changing the paradigm of who, what, and how health information is communicated
  50. 50. http://ihavefoodallergies.tumblr.com
  51. 51. Accomplish your goals as a future leader in medicine
  52. 52. Social Media is not going away
  53. 53. Tweet frequently. Have something interesting to say. Live-tweet events and breaking news. Find & follow people who share your interests. Join the conversation. Give more than you ask for. Join tweetups and Twitter chats. Be yourself.
  54. 54. Social media is changing what it means to be a doctor today
  55. 55. Twitter: @joyclee @healthbyus http://www.doctorasdesigner.com/ http://twittersuperuser.com/ http://www.healthdesignby.us/ Special thanks to Dr. McKean, Dr. Castle, Dr. Menon, Dr. Rivara, patients/ caregivers/docs online, & the human network!