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Participatory Design and the Making of Health: My TEDx Detroit Talk

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Slides from my TEDx Detroit talk on September 30th, 2014. Thanks to the organizers for the invitation for this amazing event! The community in Detroit is inspiring!

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Participatory Design and the Making of Health: My TEDx Detroit Talk

  1. 1. Participatory Design and the Making of Health Joyce Lee, MD, MPH Doctor as Designer Twitter: @joyclee
  2. 2. My academic Identity: Associate Professor School of Medicine/ Public Health
  3. 3. My Alternative Online Identity
  4. 4. I tweet and blog about the intersection of health, technology, and participatory design http://goo.gl/jQdUxR
  5. 5. Disclosure: I have no formal training in design
  6. 6. Design was something I stumbled upon through a personal design experiment
  7. 7. B and S have life-threatening food allergies
  8. 8. The teachers need vital information about how and when to give the epi-pen
  9. 9. But this is a #design #fail
  10. 10. So we were inspired to make a Youtube video!
  11. 11. By “we” I mean the collective “we” since I am a #lazytigermother
  12. 12. Go to the 1st video on Ihavefoodallergies.tumblr.com!
  13. 13. I posted it online http://goo.gl/M9XZwS
  14. 14. His teacher shared it with the whole school
  15. 15. It went a little bit viral http://goo.gl/v3lE18
  16. 16. 1479 views! #designsuccess #proudtigermother
  17. 17. B has his own blog now http://ihavefoodallergies.tumblr.com
  18. 18. Check out video 2 of the trilogy on the blog!
  19. 19. Check out video 3 of the trilogy on the blog! http://goo.gl/M9XZwS
  20. 20. I also made a low-!delity version for the teachers
  21. 21. With his illustrations
  22. 22. And additional information about “tricky” allergens
  23. 23. My Design Insights about the Production of Health and the Future of Healthcare
  24. 24. We were experts
  25. 25. We were makers
  26. 26. We were collaborators
  27. 27. Patient as expert maker collaborator #futureofhealthcare
  28. 28. But to reach the #futureofhealthcare we need to overcome the #cultureofhealthcare
  29. 29. Expert “D!"#$r%&'(e) e*+,(t%-./ n!0.1a23,4t% Editorial hashtag: #whereareallthewomen
  30. 30. Maker “O567/c89#:f;<=/h8>?@h) pABCDs%3E4aFG.Hh!I?J b8&K(eL0M4g)N,Ol2N”
  31. 31. Collaborator “H!"#$h i% c&'($e) d*+,-r T. p/012n3”
  32. 32. I started collaborating with Matt Kenyon & John Marshall
  33. 33. Applying Design Thinking to Healthcare
  34. 34. Recognizing the wisdom and expertise of the patient
  35. 35. Allowing the patient voice to drive the identi!cation and prioritization of problems
  36. 36. Working with patients as co-designers in the creation of solutions for health
  37. 37. Pairing patients with designers to create tools inspired by the patient experience @jakiebones & @TheTrevorTorres http://goo.gl/3w3lIZ
  38. 38. “A” & @robokittycat http://goo.gl/STfnuX
  39. 39. Creating a culture of design in health Design = A Distraction A critical tool for the creation of health @showindshe http://goo.gl/xoZxK8
  40. 40. Maker Movement Do It Yourself (DIY) Learning by Doing Peer-to-Peer
  41. 41. The maker movement, a model for patient-centered participatory design? Maker Movement Participatory = Design
  42. 42. DIY = Expert Learning by doing = Maker Peer-to-Peer = Collaborator
  43. 43. We brought together a community of patients and health providers
  44. 44. Designers, Tinkerers, and Makers
  45. 45. To explore the amazing things that can be created by combining making and health
  46. 46. We created a collaborative innovation network called HealthDesignBy.Us to further this work Join us! goo.gl/mEmaiO
  47. 47. #currentstateofhealthcare Doctor to Patient Passive Solitary
  48. 48. #mydreamforhealthcare Patient to Patient Active Collaborative
  49. 49. B is thinking about making more prototypes
  50. 50. B extended his allergy work at the We #makehealth Fest http://goo.gl/bEY0Tg http://goo.gl/fPTFuF
  51. 51. B gave the opening remarks at the Fest too! http://goo.gl/bEY0Tg
  52. 52. HealthDesignBy.Us Twitter: @healthbyus FB: HealthDesignBy.Us My gratitude to our patient experts, Matt Kenyon, John Marshall, Patricia Anderson, Nancy Benovich Gilby, Emily Puckett Rogers, Scott Olson, Amy Cohn, Patricia Abbott, Kelly Parent, John Costik, Jose Gomez-Marquez, Emily Hirschfeld, Ghada Mustapha, Jacob Hendricks, Margot Robert, Xiaoying He, Trevor Torres, Nick Reid, Sam Oliver, Charles Woodson Research Fund, UM Provost, & the HealthDesignBy.Us virtual community