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The Library is Open: Librarians & Information Professionals as Open Practitioners

Josie Fraser LILAC 2017 Keynote

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The Library is Open: Librarians & Information Professionals as Open Practitioners

  1. 1. The Library is Open Librarians and Information Professionals as Open Practitioners Josie Fraser LILAC 10 April 2017 @josiefraser
  2. 2. LILAC 2017 Josie Fraser @josiefraser #YEAROFOPEN
  3. 3. Happy Year of Open! ​15 years ago: • UNESCO adopt the term ‘Open Educational Resources’ • The Budapest Open Access Initiative was launched • The first Creative Commons licenses were released 10 years ago: • The Cape Town Open Education Declaration was written 5 years ago: • The first Open Education Week took place • The first OER World Congress was held, resulting in the Paris OER Declaration LILAC 2017 Josie Fraser @josiefraser
  4. 4. LILAC 2017 Josie Fraser @josiefraser
  5. 5. LILAC 2017 Josie Fraser @josiefraser Justin Grimes Library Love (2011) Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC-BY-SA 2.0)
  6. 6. LILAC 2017 Josie Fraser @josiefraser
  7. 7. LILAC 2017 Josie Fraser @josiefraser
  8. 8. LILAC 2017 Josie Fraser @josiefraser Mat Fascione St Barnabas Library, Leicester (2007) shared under a Creative Commons Attribution- ShareAlike 2.0 (CC-BY-SA) licence.
  9. 9. LILAC 2017 Josie Fraser @josiefraser SpiderWeb-MarketingSystems Oh-Yes-its- FREE---iStock.gif Attribution-Share Alike (CC BY-SA) FraserElliot Yes, We’re Open Attribution-NonCommercial (CC BY-NC)
  10. 10. LILAC 2017 Josie Fraser @josiefraser
  11. 11. Numbers of CC Licenced LILAC 2017 Josie Fraser @josiefraser By Creative commons / 555 (2014) CC BY 4.0
  12. 12. “Wikipedia is the greatest open educational resource of all time” - Jim Groom, #oer16 LILAC 2017 Josie Fraser @josiefraser
  13. 13. Spelling out freedoms and restrictions “Open licences, including the Creative Commons licences, provide educators and everyone else with a clear, simple way to specify how resources can be used and reused, and how the work should be credited.” LILAC 2017 Josie Fraser @josiefraser
  14. 14. What does an openly licensed resource look like?
  15. 15. Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) LILAC 2017 Josie Fraser @josiefraser The Library is Open: Librarians and Information Professionals as Open Practitioners, Josie Fraser LILAC 10 April 2017. Content is shared under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) licence, unless otherwise indicated.
  16. 16. LILAC 2017 Josie Fraser @josiefraser
  17. 17. What makes an educational resource open? Cable Green (2016): “two conditions that should guide your determination as to whether or not an item is considered ‘open’: • Do you have ‘free and unfettered access’ to the resource? If you have to pay to retain or use a resource, it isn't open. • Is use of the resource governed by David Wiley's 5Rs of Openness permissions?” LILAC 2017 Josie Fraser @josiefraser
  18. 18. The UNESCO 2012 Paris Declaration recommends that member states should: Foster awareness and use of OER. Promote and use OER to widen access to education at all levels, both formal and non-formal, in a perspective of lifelong learning, thus contributing to social inclusion, gender equity and special needs education. Improve both cost-efficiency and quality of teaching and learning outcomes through greater use of OER. LILAC 2017 Josie Fraser @josiefraser
  19. 19. Are open licences enough? LILAC 2017 Josie Fraser @josiefraser
  20. 20. LILAC 2017 Josie Fraser @josiefraser Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC) – LBRY mirror Cf. Harvard, MIT (2015); Stanford (2016) Accessibility – degrees of open?
  21. 21. • Freedom to teach without breaking the law • Ability to use materials that will tell stories in an unbiased way • The same freedoms for all educators in the EU • Law that will allow you to embrace digital opportunities • Law that recognises museums, libraries and NGOs as having an educational function https://rightcopyright.eu LILAC 2017 Josie Fraser @josiefraser
  22. 22. Digital literacy LILAC 2017 Josie Fraser @josiefraser JISC Digital capacity framework Helen Beetham
  23. 23. What about open practice? LILAC 2017 Josie Fraser @josiefraser
  24. 24. “Open educational practices, known as OEP, have a range of definitions. In the narrowest sense, OEP are "practices which support the production, use and reuse of high quality OER" (International Council for Open & Distance Education). A broader view is espoused in the Capetown Open Education Declaration: "Open education is not limited to just open educational resources. It also draws upon open technologies that facilitate collaborative, flexible learning and the open sharing of teaching practices that empower educators to benefit from the best ideas of their colleagues. It may also grow to include new approaches to assessment, accreditation and collaborative learning." - GoOPEN Wiki Vivien Rolfe & Catherine Cronin (2015) LILAC 2017 Josie Fraser @josiefraser
  25. 25. LILAC 2017 Josie Fraser @josiefraser Beetham, H., Falconer, I., McGill, L. and Littlejohn, A. Open practices: briefing paper. JISC, 2012 Attribution-NonCommercial (CC BY-NC)
  26. 26. Wikimedia UK The British Library The National Archives National Library of Scotland National Library of Wales The Bodleian Libraries, Oxford The Wellcome Library Host a wikimedian: you can't afford not to Melissa Highton, University of Edenborough Wikimedia UK Education Summit (2017) 3 Ways to use Wikipedia as an Education Tool Martin Poulter, CILIP (2014)
  27. 27. LILAC 2017 Josie Fraser @josiefraser “open can improve access and equity…but it can also exacerbate inequality as we know. Openness is negotiated on an individual basis. So open education practice, as I have found in my own work, is always personal, is always contextual, and its always continuously negotiated. So we can be advocates for openness on an social and institutional level, but still be very cognisant of the risks we may be asking people to take when we are advocating for open.” - Catherine Cronin, OER17 (2017)
  28. 28. LILAC 2017 Josie Fraser @josiefraser "We try to be inclusive but we fail a lot. We need to design for inclusivity, it doesn't just happen” - Maha Bali, #OER17 (2017)
  29. 29. Open practice • Supporting the use and production of OER • Accessibility • Collaboration • Development • Co-production • Inclusion • Sustainability • Privacy • Public Value • Flexibility • Customisation/personalisation/relevance • Quality • Legal LILAC 2017 Josie Fraser @josiefraser
  30. 30. Open keynote Please tweet using #lilac17op or head over to http://goo.gl/dr19a8 Question: In what way(s) do you consider your practice, as a librarian or information professional, open? LILAC 2017 Josie Fraser @josiefraser
  31. 31. Some questions: • Do staff & students understand their own position? • Do staff & students know about OER? • Does the organisation have a policy regarding OER/open licencing? • Do staff & students understand how to find, evaluate, acknowledge and reuse OER? • Do staff and the organisation consider open practice in relation to provision & production? LILAC 2017 Josie Fraser @josiefraser
  32. 32. FraserElliot Yes, We’re Open Attribution- NonCommercial (CC BY-NC) Daniel Solis Cutting Libraries in a Recession is like Cutting Hospitals in a Plague (2010) Attribution 2.0 (CC BY) LILAC 2017 Josie Fraser @josiefraser
  33. 33. Open education is the philosophy of ensuring equity and quality of access to education to all, regardless of gender, economic means, location, disability, age, sexuality, race, ethnicity, or religion Open practice is the act of creating and supporting learning experiences and resources that acknowledge contexts of discrimination and inequality Open practice is the enactment of equitable, ethical, and sustainable learning experiences and resources LILAC 2017 Josie Fraser @josiefraser
  34. 34. Thank you! @josiefraser LILAC 2017 Josie Fraser @josiefraser