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Staying open: sustaining critical open educational practice in a time of walls and borders

Slides from the OER17 workshop on April 5 2017
Authors: Sheila MacNeill, Frances Bell, Vivien Rolfe, Josie Fraser, and Kate Bowles

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Staying open: sustaining critical open educational practice in a time of walls and borders

  1. 1. Staying open: sustaining critical open educational practice in a time of walls and borders Sheila MacNeill, Frances Bell, Kate Bowles, Josie Fraser, Vivien Rolfe #OER17 #CRITOEP
  2. 2. Panel Schedule Link to abstract 1.30 Introductions to people and session 1.35 Kate Bowles, Viv Rolfe, Sheila MacNeill, Josie Fraser, Frances Bell: provocations 2.00 Open questions/discussion 2.20 Small group discussion 2.35 Feedback from each group 2.45 Show Sheila’s picturing 2.50 Close
  3. 3. We wrote our abstract after talking We talked again to plan this session and Sheila sketched our ideas We shared on Twitter then storified to trace on #critoep Open Desire Trails by Sheila MacNeill CC-BY-NC-2.0
  4. 4. Kate Bowles provocation Image credit: Iron Ore by Flickr user Ammar Hasan, CC BY 2.0 (https://flic.kr/p/oPHsf5)
  5. 5. What is brand ‘open’ and how do we sell it to our institutions? What can the 5Rs learn from the 3Rs? ® #FCBA00
  6. 6. Sheila MacNeill provocation The comfort and discomfort of open practice within open and closed digital spaces
  7. 7. A Door Half Closed - Frances Bell Within an institution And beyond the institution?
  8. 8. Josie Fraser provocation •Violence against women and Girls (VAWG) is a form of structural violence which reproduces and perpetuates structural inequality •Intersects with other forms of discrimination •Limits and regulates the lives of women and girls “Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) is already a problem of pandemic proportion; research shows that one in three women will experience some form of violence in her lifetime. The new problem of ‘cyber VAWG’ could significantly increase this staggering number .” (UN, 2015)
  9. 9. Violence against women & girls online •Estimated 73% of females worldwide experienced online abuse (UN 2015) •Online VAGW limits speech, social participation, and digital inclusion. •“Online crimes are not a ‘first world’ problem; they seamlessly follow the spread of the Internet.” (UN, 2015) Online VAWG reinforces and perpetuates systemic gender inequality, as forms of abuse are enacted and extended into digital spaces, and as new variants of abusive behaviour are developed in relation to the affordances of digital environments, applications, and systems.
  10. 10. OER & VAWG - working in the open •Educators, researchers, students & civilians talking about gendered issues in networked environments •Wikipedia editors & subjects •Personal and political cost of the tidal wave of false equivalency arguments •‘Deafening androcentrism’ Many kinds of online abuse and discrimination are now illegal, but laws and rights are eroded when abuse is normalised and accepted. Silence on issues relating to discrimination and hate supports the normalisation of abuse.
  11. 11. Questions/comments Please discuss issues raised by the provocations
  12. 12. Discussion How can Open Educational Practice translate into effective, inclusive action? Or inhibit effective, inclusive action? Identify specific examples of such practices
  13. 13. Contact Details Sheila MacNeill @sheilmcn http://howsheilaseesit.wordpress.com/ Frances Bell @francesbell http://francesbell.com Kate Bowles @katemfd http://musicfordeckchairs.com Josie Fraser @josiefraser http://www.josiefraser.com/ Vivien Rolfe @vivienrolfe http://vivrolfe.com/