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Soccer Scouting Report New York City FC

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Sample of a tactical soccer analysis from New York City FC in the 26 game. Sorry but the videos in the presentation cannot open in slideshare. If someone want the report with the videos, I can send you by email.

Visit https://josesilvacaparros.wordpress.com/ for more tactical soccer stuff.

Ejemplo de un analisis tactico del St Louis FC en la jornada 23., en ingles. Perdonen las molestias pero los videos incluidos en la presentacion, no pueden ser abiertos desde slideshare. Si alguien quiere tenerlo con videos, puedo mandarlo al email.
Visita https://josesilvacaparros.wordpress.com/ para mas articulos sobre tactica de futbol.

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Soccer Scouting Report New York City FC

  1. 1. TECHNICAL REPORT New York City FC Season 2015 Yankee Stadium
  4. 4. Club Name: New York City FC Address: One East 161st Street, Bronx, NY 10451 Web: http://www.nycfc.com Uniforms: General Data
  5. 5. Enviroment Name: Yankee Stadium Dimensions: 110 yards long/70 yards wide (Smallest Field in MLS) Grass: Grass Capacity: 49,642 Behavior:
  6. 6. Previous Results GAME HOME TEAM RESULT AWAY TEAM 20 New York City FC 5-3 Orlando City SC 21 New York City FC 2-3 Montreal Impact 22 New York Red Bulls 0-2 New York City FC 23 New York City FC 3-1 DC United 24 Columbus Crew 2-2 New York City FC 25 LA Galaxy 5-1 New York City FC 26 New York City FC Columbus Crew 27 FC Dallas FC New York City POS TEAM GP W T L GF GA PTS 7 New York City FC 26 7 12 7 37 44 28
  7. 7. Statistics up to Game 22
  8. 8. Statistics up to Game 22 Overall Home Away Overall Home Away
  9. 9. Statistics up to Game 26
  10. 10. Goals Count For Minutes GOALS AGAINST GOALS FOR 0 5 10 15 0-15 15-30 30-45 1*Half Goals 0 5 10 15 45-60 60-75 75-90 2*Half Goals 0 5 10 15 0-15 15-30 30-45 1*Half Goals 0 5 10 15 45-60 60-75 75-90 2*Half Goals
  12. 12. Technical Staff Head Coach: Jason Kreis Previous Teams: Real Salt Lake Technical Staff: Rob Varguthian (Assistant Coach) Miles Joseph (Assistant coach) CJ Brown (Assistant coach) Observations :
  13. 13. Players Name:Josh Saunders Height: 1.94 meters Position: GoalKeaper Description: Right only footed. Good reflexes, jumping reactions, and strength Good in comunication; command of area. Weak in handling and positioning. International experience with Puerto Rico Name: Ryan Meara Height: Position: GoalKeaper Description:
  14. 14. Players Name:Eirik Johansen Height: Position: Goalkeaper Description: Name: Jason Hernandez Height:1.78 meters Position: Center defender Description: Right footed Strong points in tacking, and marking. Weak points in passing, anticipation, and decisions.
  15. 15. Players Name:Kwane Watson-Siribo Height:1.97 meters Position: Center Defender Description: Right only footed Strong points in fitness ,work rate, aerial game and aggressive. Weak point with the ball (first touch, passing), in acceleration and pace Name: Jeb Brosvsky Height: 1.86 meters Position: Right back Description: Right footed Team player. High rate work. Good acceleration. No have problem with the ball in his feet. No aggressive player
  16. 16. Players Name:Chris Wingert Height:1.78 meters Position: Left/Right back. Center defender. Description: Either footed Good defending and mental features. Weak in the aerial game. Name: Jefferson Mena Height: Position: Defender Description: Right footed. Good speed and physical condition. Stand out in the aerial game. Weak technique.
  17. 17. Players Name:Shay Face Height:1.85 meters Position: Centre defender Description: Right only footed. Problems with the ball in his feet Strong points in his physical features. Name: RJ Allen Height: Position: Defender Description:
  18. 18. Players Name:Andoni Iraola Height:1.82 m Position: Right back Description: Right footed Complete player Weak in aerial game, and stamina. Player with a long European soccer experience. Name: Angelino Height: Position: Defender Description:
  19. 19. Players Name:Connor Brandt Height: Position: Left back. Left midfielder Description:Left footed Good physical features. Good Acceleration. Weak in passing and concentration. Name: Andrew Jacobson Height: Position: Defensive Midfielder Description: Right footed Complete player, standing our his aerial game Make equilibrium at their midfielder line.
  20. 20. Players Name:Frank Lampard Height:1.84m Position: Centre Midfielder Description: Either footed Team player, with high work rate. Incredible mental, and attacking features. Perfect first touch, passing, and vision. Good finishing Weak in pace, acceleration,and stamina (36 years old) Long experience in European soccer Name: Mix Diskerud Height:1.84m Position: Attacking Midfielder Description: Right footed Weak aerial game, and defending features.
  21. 21. Players Name:Ned Grabavoy Height:1.71 m Position: Centre Midfierder Description: Either footed Weak in the aerial game. Good passing and vision. Name: Thomas McNamara Height:1.76m Position: Attacking midfielder Description: Right footed Weak in defending,aerial, and mental features. Good acceleration, crossing, and dribbling.
  22. 22. Players Name:Mehdi Ballouchy Height: Position: Midfielder Description: Name: Andrea Pirlo Height:1.77m Position: Centre Midfielder Description: Either footed Incredible vision, technical, and mental features. Key player in the creation of game. Probably the best player passing,first touch, and vision from the league. Weak points in speed,aerial and defending. Alhtough smart player with high anticipation capacity Incredible in free kick, and corners.
  23. 23. Players Name:Pablo Alvarez Height:1.74 Position: Attacking Midfielder Description: Right footed. Good acceleration, and technique. Weak defending and aerial features Name: Javier Calle Height:1.76m Position: Midfielder Description:Left footed Complete player features. Weak in finishing, and defending.
  24. 24. Players Name:Kwadwo Poku Height:1.91m Position: Attacking Midfielder Description: Right only footed Good strength conditions Weak with the bal in his feet. Bad decisions, and vision. Name: David Villa Height: 1.75m Position: Striker Description: Either footed Incredible finishing, long shots, technique, and move off the ball. Good acceleration, anticipation, and forward flair. Plenty move freedom. High success rate in penalty kicks. Key player in the attack Long European soccer experience.
  25. 25. Players Name:Patrick Mullins Height:1.86m Position: Striker. Attacking Left Midfielder Description: Left only footed Weak pace, and technique Good finishing, and move off the ball. Name: Khiry Shelton Height:1.91m Position: Strike Description:Right footed Good speed features.
  26. 26. Players Name:Adam Nemec Height:1.90m Position: Strike Description: Either footed Incredible physical features. High balance capacity. Good mental features Team player Long European Soccer experience. Name: Tony Taylor Height:1.83m Position: Strike Description:Right footed Incredible speed feature. With a high acceleration capacity.
  27. 27. Players Name:Sebastian Velasquez Height:1.81m Position: Attacking midfielder left Description: Left only footed Good technique, and dribbling. Weak in mental features, aerial game, and stamina.
  28. 28. Line Round 26 Vs Columbus Crew (Home)
  29. 29. Line Round 25 Vs LA Galaxy (Away)
  30. 30. Line Round 24 Vs Columbus Crew (Away)
  31. 31. Line Round 23 Vs New York Red Bulls (Away)
  32. 32. Line Round 22 Vs Montreal Impact (Home)
  33. 33. Defend Start of Pressure OFENSIVE PHASE Destruction of Creation Defense of Goal TRANSITION ATTACK- DEFEND DEFENSIVE DEATH BALL
  34. 34. Defensive Phase 1-Start of Pressure Phase: High pressure, Midfielders line step up their positions to reduce spaces. The left or right back from the side where the ball is.He goes up his position, standing at the level than midfielders line. Looking for enclose the ball in that area. The presure start with David Villa, although he do the pressure intermittently. He take down from the pressure for a possible transition defense-attack. In the case that David Villa do not participate in the pressure, the attack center midfielder is in charge to make the pressure on the ball. When Poku is in the pitch, he does not participate in the pressure, staying with David Villa. When this happens, it provokes the apparition of space in the center zone between midfielders line and fowards
  35. 35. Defensive Phase 2-Destruction of creation Phase: 1-4-2-3-1 formation, with David Villa out from defensive works. Slow defensive shift. Apparition of space between left/right backs and the side midfielders. The majority of the attacks against NYCFC come from this areas.
  36. 36. Defensive Phase 3-Defense of Goal Phase: Defense of 4 players in zone with few shift. Apparition of spaces if the left/right backs are taking to sides positions. There are not good covers between the center backs and sides backs. Neither with the midfielders line. If the centers back are taking out from their zone, there are not cover to fill those spaces. Low concentration in second balls and rebounds from the goalkeeper. Helps from the side midfielders, they incorporate in the defensive line in case of players number superiority rival in the side of zone 1.
  37. 37. Defensive Transition Phase Defensive reorganization: Pressure after ball loss from players closer to the ball. Disequilibrium between lines when they make the pressure. Defensive line stay very behind. This provokes the apparition of spaces between defensive line and midfielders line. Counterattack in Defense: Timings on the ball from the player closer, waiting that more players arive. Drop very slow from midfielders line.
  38. 38. Deffensive Corner Kick 1 LAG vs NYCFC Wall:22 Short Surveillance:6 Marking:13,3,14,17,8 Second Ball Zone:23,10 Transicion:15
  39. 39. Attack ATTACK Start of Creation OFFENSIVE DEATH BALL TRANSITION ATTACK- DEFEND Creation of Game Finalization
  40. 40. Ofensive Phase 1-Start of Creation phase: Start of creation based on positional combinative game. Through short pass and without care the posesion time. Pirlo encrust between two centrals backs to elaborate the game. The centrals back open their positions to create space for Pirlo. The right and left back play deep, provoking amplitude in NYCFC game. This provoke risky situations if there is bad pass or loss of the ball in the start of creation phase. Due to the two centrals backs would be the only players between the ball and their goal.
  41. 41. Offensive Phase 2-Creation Game phase : Positional combinative game is the game model for NYCFC to create danger. Short pass in zone 3, till find space in the sides by long pass. Pirlo is the main team reference in the build up. Overlap run from the left- right back from second line to make an occupation of side spaces. Variant to looking for space in the sides, it is looking for David Villa. This player has plenty freedom in zone 4.
  42. 42. Offensive Phase 3-Finalization Zone phase: Very often looking for long shot when the ball is near to zone 4. The majority of their shots on goal come from shots outside the box. David Villa has total move freedom, like in the picture he left his target position to come to the side to receive the ball. He used to go out from his forward zone to the left side. Moreover, he has total freedom to try to create danger by individual game.
  43. 43. Offensive Transition Phase 1- Offensive Reorganization : Slow offensive reorganization, without verticality. Looking for a security pass after steal the ball. High percentage of imprecision when NYCFC start the Defend - Attack transition. 2-Counterattack: Few times is used for NYCFC in games. If they made a counterattack is based on passing the ball to David Villd. The pass can be behind the defenders to take advantage of his speed, or to his feet looking for solo goal.
  44. 44. Offensive Corner Kick 1 Kicker: 21 Finished Area:6 players Second Balls: 2 players Aware: 2 players LAG vs NYCFC 21
  45. 45. Offensive Corner Kick 2 Kicker: 21 Finished Area: 5 players Second Balls: 3 players Aware: 2 players LAG vs NYCFC 21
  46. 46. Offensive Corner Kick 3 Kicker: 21 + 1 player Finished Area: 6 players Second Balls: 1 player Aware: 2 players LAG vs NYCFC
  47. 47. Offensive Thrown in 1 Kicker: Finished Area: Second Balls: Aware: LAG vs NYCFC 7
  48. 48. Parte Prescriptive
  49. 49. Weak Points
  50. 50. Strong Points
  51. 51. Probable Line Up or
  52. 52. Recommendations GENERAL CHARACTERISTIC OF PHASE ORGANIZATION ATTACK Positional Combinative Attack like game model. Thru ball possesion and short passes in zone 1,2, and 3. In creation zone, slow ball circulation. When ball arrive to zone 3,variant of long pass looking for the back of the sides backs, or advances from their sides backs. Looking for long shots close to zone 4. They tend to attack for their left side. David Villa has freedom with high movility. One midfileder move between both CB CHARACTERISTIC OF OFENSIVE TRANSITION Looking for security pass after steal the ball to start the creation of game. Pressure with deficiency in the distances between lines. Amplitude from the left-right backs. Sides midfielders move to inside to create spaces for left-right backs. Few mobility from the players in front the ball. GENERAL CHARACTERISTIC OF PHASE ORGANIZATION DEFENSIVE Team with high block and pressure defend. Difficult to control the center area, due to they only have one player in the midfielder with defensive profile. High pressure with the objetive to avoid the clean ball circulation. High separation between lines, defenders line don’t step up when team make pressure after ball loss. Therefore, the team doesn’t deffend within 25 metres. CHARACTERISTIC OF DEFENSIVE TRANSITION High pressure and high intensity after ball loss. Difficulties to steal the ball in central zone of the pitch due to the low defensive profile from their CM Sides backs advances their positions for pressure when the another team is in Star of Creation phase. Invitational pressure to the sides of the field to create superiority in those areas.
  53. 53. Recommendations Playing with a formation with only one forward and more players in center zone to difficult their circulation of the ball. Moreover, to attack their center midfielders with low defender profiles. Working during the week the block down and the counter attack. With a block down, we won’t let them to circulate the ball easily in our field. Moreover, we will cover all the line of pass to the forwards and their long ball at the back of our LB and RB. Moreover, with the block down we will provoke that their left and right backs go deep. This provoke that their center backs will be alone in case a counter attack. Moreover, we will take advantage from their slow drop.