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  1. 1. Consonant are those the result of friction,squeezing or temporary blocking of the breathstream. The sounds are caused by aninterruption to the flow of breath by the organsof articulation. If the vocal cords do not vibratewhen the sounds is produce, it is a voicelesssound. If the vocal vibrate, it is a voiced sound.
  2. 2. VOICELESS VOICED [P] [b]Pitch, sports, purple, pan, depose Ball, baptism, book, web, back,please, help, grape noble [t] [d]Tine, pretty, autumn, attain, table, Dog, dark, doubt, modern, dish,might ten, hit, mitt, white, baked, window, red, adding, guidefreight, eight [k] [g]Came, tricks, king, pink, black, kill, cat, Give, glued, together, go, good, August,baker, rocket, cold, October, attic, Drag, foggy, exotic (ɛgatIk)queen, equal, orchid [f] [V]find, rough, five, gulf, off, hyphen, Vote, very, proven, never, nerve,first, family, fifty, raffle, phone, vanilla, seven, five,nymph, roughly, tough
  3. 3. VOICELESS VOICED [s] [l]Saw, lace, sir, miss, books, sit, miss, sit, Lap, late, lonely, sling, look, hello, cool,assistance, thesis, center, December, eleven, fallscissors, message, ice, psychology, six,house [h] [m]Her, hero, mishap, heat, hot Me, made, remember, humid, lamb, compliment, May, ma’am, summer [θ] /th/ [n]Three, method, thirsty, path, thick, Not, green , none, no, sunny, knife,breath, nothing wound, Sunday, pneumonia, sign , fine [ʃ] /sh/ [r]Ship, she, mushroom, sure, schist, shop, Rose, round, forever, zeroshelter, radish, pressure, fascist, tuition,cache, [tʃ] /ch/ [y]Chair, lecture, cheers, watch, cheat, You, beyond, mayor, beautiful, yet,check, picture yellow, unite
  4. 4. VOICED [w] Was, power, one, wound, war, [ð] /dh/ This, breathe, bathe, them [ʒ] /zh/ Measure, massage, usual, dangerous, pleasure, [dʒ] /j/Jut, joy, judge, imagine, jump, major, gentle, rigid, cage, badger, bridge, change, [ŋ] /ng/ Bring, sing, nothing, ring, spring, pink, [z] Zeal, zero, ooze, fuzzy, exit, jazz, dishes
  5. 5. [p] - [f]private firm food preparationformer president potato friesplaying field familiar poemface to people different pairspolitical figure fascinating partners
  6. 6. 1. Myrna is a professional performer.2. He is a very interesting public figure.3. You paraphrase the poem on page 33.4. He felt the intense pain during the operation.5. The foreign policy is adverse to the interest of ourcountry.
  7. 7. 1. Did his brother buy Linda the blue car or brown one2. Brimster rubber elbows with the top brass.3. The rabbit ran behind the bushes.4. Bryan threw the battle into the tub.5. Everybody attended Buddy’s birthday
  8. 8. [b] - [v]business venture voice boxbusiness vocabulary bank voltvote buying book valuevertical bar biased viewvery big
  9. 9. [θ] – [t]The tenth ten The fourth fortTie its thigh Thin coat of tinBoth left to Thought youboat taught Under the sheet,Theme song of a good sheaththe team Even in death, more debts
  10. 10. 1. Is the story a fact or a myth?2. Her sixteenth birthday was held inManila Hotel.3. The President is not worth the trust ofthe citizens.4. Ten thin kittens were found on thestreets.5. The children were taught to bethoughtful to their parents.
  11. 11. [ð] – [d]Hiding together Faded clothingAlthough the Finding outstandard whetherAnother body Tried to breatheMurdered my Soothes thefather troubledFurther reduction Smoothes the wrinkled
  12. 12. 1. He demands that his service becredited.2. Report the accident to the authoritieswithout further delay.This balm soothes tired nerves.The farmer gathered the seeds yesterday.Breathe deeply before you start theexercise.
  13. 13. Choice of genus Dangerous ventureChief justice Logical departureCheckered jumper Intelligent questionChina and Japan Imagine yourCherish those picturejewels Object to the purchase
  14. 14. 1. Beauty aids cannot hide a woman’sage.2.He was shocked by the raids on hisstore.3. The people saw heads over thehedge.4. The bands travelled on a barge.5. The siege sows seeds of discontent.
  15. 15. [ʃ]-[ʒ]Partial closure Composure under tensionLocation of the treasure International confusionCongressional measure Location of the treasureCasual relationship Addition or divisionVisual reaction Traditional occasion
  16. 16. 1. Did the doctor tell you that a mere massagewould improve her mirage?2. The government called their plan “ sabotage”,because it had a camouflage.3. The loss of her rare treasure changed hiscomposure.4. Generally, amnesias are usually due to theanesthesia.5. His persuasion could not change Manor’sdecision to join the division.
  17. 17. [s]-[z]Circular zone Class in modernZodiac sign jarsSuddenly zoomed AssignmentChristmas season desiredLess noise Deserve the insult Use force Paradise of us
  18. 18. 1. Her poise and intelligence made herwin in the contest.2. The patient insisted on atranquilizer.3. He visits the nursery regularly.4. The criminal deserved the insult.5. It was a paradise for us.