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Past continuous

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Past continuous

  1. 1. Past Continuous • Affirmative: (S + was/were + [Verb+ing]) • Negative: (S + wasn’t/weren’t + [Verb+ing]) • Interrogative: a) (Was/were + S + [Verb+ing]+?) b) (Wh- word + was/were + S + [Verb+ing]+?)
  2. 2. What were they doing?
  3. 3. What was happening at 9 o’clock yesterday? 1.- Tracy (stand) on her head. Tracy was standing on her head. 2.- Paul (draw) a picture on the noticeboard. Paul was drawing a picture on the noticeboard 3.- Jane and Fred (dance). Jane and Fred were dancing. 4.- Jane (wear) a big hat. Jane was wearing a big hat. 5.- Matt and Linda (talk) about the weekend. Matt and Linda were talking about the weekend. 6.- Chris (play) the guitar for his dog. Chris was playing the guitar for his dog. 7.- The teacher (look) at his watch. The teacher was looking at his watch. 8.- Gary (sleep) on the stairs. Gary was sleeping on the stairs.
  4. 4. How good is your memory? Answer these questions: 1.- What was Chris doing? Chris was playing the guitar for his dog. 2.- Was Tracy sleeping on the stairs? No, she wasn’t. She was standing on her head. 3.- What were Matt and Linda doing? They were talking about the weekend. 4.- Was Chris playing the guitar for his dog? Yes, he was. 5.- What was the teacher doing? He was looking at his watch. 6.- Was Jane dancing? Yes, she was dancing with Fred.
  5. 5. Complete the sentences with when, while or because. 1.- They were laughing ………. Jane started to cry. when 2.- ……….. I was studying, they were watching TV. while 3.- She was studying …………. she had an exam. because 4.- The teacher got angry ………… he stood up. because, when 5.- …………… we were studying, the telephone rang. while 6.- They were walking in the park ………. they saw me. when
  6. 6. Connectors • When: Introduce acciones cortas en PASADO SIMPLE. (cuando) • While: Introduce acciones largas en PASADO CONTINUO. (mientras) • Because: Introduce la acción que CAUSA otra acción. (porque)