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ImmersiveScape by New MIlestones

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English Learning Concepts.

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ImmersiveScape by New MIlestones

  1. 1. IMMERSIVESCAPES LEARNING CONCEPTS BY newmilestones School of English
  2. 2. IMMERSIONSCAPE Generic English language teaching has not worked. We need to be focusing on a twenty-first century thinking and learning which can only supported by a different type of environment.
  3. 3. THINKSCAPE The twenty-first century is going to be about conceptual thinking. We are asking our kids to perform and learn in twentieth century spaces, we need to customize education to the specific child and person, because we need to allow them to reach their full potential.
  4. 4. IMMERSIVESCAPE The Immersion Scape is a concept that defines the learning environment as a landscape of various active and engaging moments. The Immersive Scape also integrates three challenges to the language learning process:
  5. 5. CUSTOMIZATION OF LEARNING One is to facilitate multiples modalities of learning and the customization of education to each and every person.
  6. 6. SUPPORTING TECHNOLOGIES Two is to accommodate the latest technologies that truly support and enhance learning.
  7. 7. SUPPORTIVE LEARNING SPACES Three is to provide a flexible space that truly support the teaching and learning of communication and social skills in the target language.
  8. 8. At New Milestones, we are interested in the way people learn new languages and ideas.