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Web20 Trends Updated

  1. web2.0 Trends Updated December 2007 Jo, SanKu KT (KoreaTrendsetter)
  2. $15 Billion 3 Year
  3. Shoe Shift
  4. $175
  5. XoWeb Everything over Web JoSanKu
  6. web2.0 Version 2007
  7. Mobile is Web Shift: Voice to Web Browsing Market Share (Mobile Area) Iphone with 0.09% for 1.4 M Sold Window CE with 0.06% for 20 M Sold Symbian with 0.01% for Several Hundred M Sold
  8. Cult
  9. 30 companies (+Verison wireless?) Accelerate innovation in mobile Offer consumers a richer, less expensive, and better mobile experience The first complete, open, and free mobile platform, Open Mobile OS
  10. CallFreq An Android Application
  11. Gphone?
  12. web2.0 + Wibro = Mobile Web2.0 Bridging Web and Life(Offline) Search People Tech + web2.0 Enjoy web Business anywhere in Broadband Seoul Korea (upto 4M at your hand)
  13. Personalization For Empowered You Information Finds You
  14. Personalization
  15. Personalization (
  16. Personalization
  17. Personalization 268%
  18. Social Web Participatory Communicatory Interactive
  19. Why Social Value Matters? “I trust:” Recommendations from friends/family Consumer opinions posted online Requested email updates Ads in newspapers Ads on TV Ads on radio Ads in magazines Branded Web sites Search engine ads Web banner ads Ads on mobile phones 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%
  20. josanku
  21. Paradigm Shift Service/Data to People(Me, SNS) Web to Social Web Close to Open Heavy to Light Revenue to Love Business Services (Tool) Me Portal Multiple Social Graphs Widget Private 2007 josanku
  22. Social Graph Open Application Social Ads Network Beacon
  23. Facebook Social Ads Leverage the power of Facebook News Feed by serving relevant stories about friends engaging with your business. Your businesses to become part of people's daily conversations Display friends’ activity(Facebook or your sites by beacon) related to your business (Fan, Buy, Subsribe) Words-of-mouth viral social marketing
  24. Facebook Social Ads Social Ads Network vs. Google Adsense Target ads on any web site based on 50M users’ personal information and their activity or interest (collected by Beacon) MS’s investment of $240M Advertising is communication Word-of-mouth viral marketing
  25. Facebook Beacon Enable your customers to share the actions they take on your website with their Facebook friends Add 3 lines of code and reach millions of users Promote your business in an organic, social way Enable effortless sharing while protecting user privacy
  26. Online Video
  27. 20K Shows 400 Chs
  28. Virtual World Metaverse Metanomics MetaEgo Extended Reality
  29. Open Browser: Firefox Source Most Promising for Web 2008: Open Source Movement - ReadWriteWeb Open SNS: F8, OpenSocial Open Mobile OS: Android Microformats Search Open Authentication OpenID OpenAds
  30. Open Application Platform Facebook F8, OpenSocial, Netvibes
  31. Open Social
  32. Global Open Ecosystem Bring the Vitality of Innovation to Korea Naver as our Partner Web Market Size in Korea +70% +30% … … … … …
  33. Attention Economy Exchange Attention with Services Attention Market Attention Services and Contents Place News Attraction Entertainment Personalized Search Services Very Relevant Shopping User Advertisers
  34. Your Attention Please: How to Appeal to Today's Distracted, Disinterested, Disengaged, Dis enchanted, and Busy Consumer (Paperback) The Attention Economy: Understanding the New Currency of Business
  35. Attention to Attraction
  36. Semantic Web The Smart Data Web Ontology RDF Resource Description Framework
  37. Semantic Web The Data Web • More smart and intelligent web • Smart Data, Open Data – The core is to create the meta data describing dat a, which will enable computers to process the mean ing of things. – analyze all the data on the Web – the content, links , and transactions between people and computers • Machines talking to machines • RDF and WOL • Web 3.0 ?
  38. Semantic Web2.0
  39. Semantic Web
  40. Mashup Programmable Web
  41. Web(CP), Portal, Mashup(Programmable)
  42. DIY Apps, DIY Business
  43. Mashup Aggregator
  44. Widget
  45. Widget
  46. Widget Effect Widget Economy Publishing2.0 Microcontent
  47. Mobile Widget
  48. Widget Design
  49. Everything as a Service X aaS Everything on Demand (XoD) Utility Computing Software, Application, Platform, Hardware Data, Business
  50. Identity2.0 CardSpace OpenID Google Profile
  51. Year of RSS HTTP RSS Service to User User to Service
  52. Only 20 domains capture a whopping 39% of all our time spent online. Only 2.1% of our time is spent on MySpace (#1) is miles ahead of Yahoo! (#2), however Yahoo! impresses. Yahoo holds a significant lead over, and Yahoo simply needs to merge with MSN to take #1 (hint hint) The presence of on this list is surprising, but hey, everyone needs a friend, or two!
  53. Trust & Reputation Rich Internet Apps Interneted NationsNew Economy Ecosystem Global Government Open Identity Enterprise2.0 Social Media X 2.0 Naked Society Social Computing Internet Singularity Social Capital CPA Advertising as Content Openity Bit to Atom Open Source X Mindshare
  54. Big Picture
  55. 2008 Web Predictions Worldwide 1. Semantic Apps will become reality: Hakia, Powerset, Twine and Freebase 2. Widget will prevail. Me Portal(Personalization). Widget Economy 3. Web services, utility computing, web OS, web office: MS, Google, Amazon, Salesforce, Zoho, Thinkfree 4. Attention market place as real business 5. Mobile web and mobile SNS: 6. Rich Internet Applications: Google Gears, AIR, Silverlight 7. Online Video. Broadcasting. 8. Local Service and Community: Yelp, Topix 9. New advertising model: CPA, Video Ads, User Generated Ads 10. Long tail will be more fat to become body with more people participation 11. Vertical Social Network 12. Social Network grows to be Social Web 13. Social power in all applications: social shopping, social search, social ads 14. Power shift from Content/Data to People: more user centric applications
  56. 2008 Web Predictions Worldwide 15. Mashup, Programmable web, Micro contents, DIY service 16. Open application platform will be common bringing more innovative services. New ecosystem enabler 17. Trust and reputation platform as another web ecosystem enabler 18. Identity is big thing: OpenID, MS Cardspace, Google profile 19. Virtual World (Metaverse) turns to Real World. More vertical Virtual World services. 20. More open source applications and activities 21. More vertical search engines: People, Local, Video, Health, Mobile 22. MS’s big step to web world with a big change or event. 23. Innovative services from outside Silicon Valley 24. MS+Yahoo+Facebook vs. Google+Amazon or eBay + Skype + Myspace 25. Twitter, Facebook, Google, netvibes, blinkx, powerset, thepudding, meebo, wikia, joost, youtube, apple, second life, bittorrent 26. Android, Gphone, Social Search, Video Search, Kindle, Knol, iphone 2, Apple TV, OLPC 27. More Web2.0’s impact on ordinary life and business. More companies will adopt web2.0 (enterprise2.0)
  57. 2008 Web Predictions Korea 1. Gloomy with less innovation and very little innvestment 2. Naver’s decline in traffic although getting more market share 3. Daum as a leading web2.0 company in Korea 4. Google’s catch-up in search and ad market 5. SKT’s focus on web: mobile SNS, mobile search, virtual world 6. KT’s move for web2.0 7. A big SNS player. Lots of SNS 8. Online Video service. 9. Start of IPTV era 10. Mobile web 11. Wibro will be hot 12. Widget player 13. Web2.0 as hot public issue 14. More Korean versions of web2.0 services 15. Wizard, me2day, nplugs, allblog, springnote, olaworks
  58. Credit Richard MacManus 10 Future Web Trends to look out for over the next 10 years (September5, 2007) Dion HinchCliffe Web
  59. I Don’t Know Enything I Browse Web Therefore I Am
  60. You 4 KT LOVEs You is KT’s Edge