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Class newsletter

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Class newsletter

  1. 1. Savvy Spenders Miss Jordan McCalls 2nd gradeclassroom
  2. 2. Savvy Spenders UnitDuring this unit, students will be workingwith time and money through problemsolving. During the four week project,students will be assigned daily jobsthroughout the class. They will berewarded each day with their daily salary.The students are responsible forbudgeting their daily plans with their ownmoney.
  3. 3. Curriculum Framing QuestionsEssential Question:What do you value the most?Unit Question:How does the American currency system compare to other countries?How do you use math on a job?Content Question:What is money used for?How many dimes equal $1?What is the difference between a need and a want?
  4. 4. Role of the TeacherThe primary role of the teacher is to act asa facilitator. I will primarily be guiding thestudents to promote proper spending,schedule individual conferencesthroughout the week to check forcomprehension of new knowledge, andanswer questions when needed.
  5. 5. Role of the StudentThe students are actively engaged inlearning through participating in a projectduring a four week time frame. They areresponsible for reflections each day andcoming up with a realistic budget forthemselves.
  6. 6. Role of ParentAt the end of our project, the students andI will host an open house day for parentsto come in and participate in presentingour projects. The students will havecompleted a unit on time and money andwill be "Savvy Spenders."
  7. 7. BenefitsThis unit provides the students to activelyengage in 21st century skills at a youngage such as critical thinking, collaboration,and self motivation. This unit also coversstandards and objectives for their gradelevel listed in the Alabama Course ofStudy.
  8. 8. StandardsStandard: Work with time and moneyStandard: Represent and solve problems using addition and subtraction
  9. 9. ObjectivesMA(2003)(2)Determine the monetary value of sets of coins and bills up to $2.00.MA(2010)(2)Using addition and subtraction within 100 to solve one and two step word problems involving situations of adding to, taking from, putting together, taking apart, and comparing with unknowns in all positions.
  10. 10. Project-Based LearningSavvy Spenders is modeled by the projectbased learning approach in my classroom.Project based learning is a research basedpractice to engage students in learning. Itstimulates the students motivation to learnthrough classroom projects andcollaboration with peers.
  11. 11. Contact InformationJordan McCallemail: jrmccall@crimson.ua.educell phone (call or text) 256-343-9431Vernon Elementary School: 205-378-1245blog: UA14.blogspot.com