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Useful profiles might be:</li></ul>Subdomains<br />Microsites<br Google analytics-workshop-open-access-workshop-august-2010-slideshare

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Useful profiles might be:SubdomainsMicrositesSite sectionsUK visitorsPaid search visitorsProfiles are also useful for controlling access when administering usersCreating a profileOverview page > add new profileWork through the wizard, probably choosing:Existing domainUKThen overview page > edit profileDefault page = default.aspExclude query string parameters = blankCurrency displayed as = GBPYes, an e-commerce siteDo track site search, query parameter = searchexpressionBut do check the query parameter by doing a search on your site!Result = a new profile that will behave exactly like your main profile from this point forwards, unless we apply some filters to it

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