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Sustainability Through Staff Action

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Sustainability Through Staff Action

  1. 1. Sustainability Through Insert Staff Actionr project logo hereOur training connects all staff with yoursustainability strategy, reducing carbon emissionsand operating costs.Ou aOur training includes: g c udes• Knowledge and skills• Behaviour change action planning• Targeted engagement workshops• Creative training methods and ongoing supportTotal workforce responsibility for the environmentresulting in real business improvement.
  2. 2. The Big Pictureyour projectReplace me with an image showcasing your work.Fit image to this box
  3. 3. Benefits and savingsyour project Describe the 3 key benefits and carbon savings of your project.What are the social and How does yourfinancial benefits? innovation reduce carbon•Reduced running costs emissions? •Proven behaviour change through peer-•Whole organisation to-peer influenceimprovement in communicationand collaboration through •Ensures people work with technologytargeted upskilling solutions to optimise savings p g•Employees take sustainability •Whole system approach brings out best solutions, taking ideas from staff tohome and to the community identify and act on carbon saving opportunities
  4. 4. Measures of successyour projectDescribe 3 ways in which you have measured success and demonstrated yourD ib i hi h h d dd t t dproject has made a difference. This might include behavioural change, low carbonemissions, renewable energy source. 1. Financial savings 2.Reduced carbon emissions 3.Changed workforce behaviour
  5. 5. Challenges and supportproject Describe the project’s biggest challenges and the key forms of support the project needs to develop and grow.What are the biggest challenges or questions for your project?a) Demonstrating the link between training individuals and the achievement oforganisational objectivesb) Alongside quick wins, changing behaviour requires a long term visionc) Organisations understanding the real cost savings behaviour change can deliverWhat would most help your project to develop and grow?a) Opportunities to showcase the programme to commissioners and increase the bodyof advocatesb) Understanding the barriers to involvement given the clear cost and environmentalbenefits of running this trainingc) Knowing what public sector organisations are doing to implement sustainabilitythemselves and what external support they are receiving