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The job of aircraft maintenance engineer

presentation describes the nature of aircraft maintenance job, the main function and qualification

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The job of aircraft maintenance engineer

  1. 1. Airworthy Aircrafts are Safe Aircrafts • For safety reasons the flying aircrafts have to be airworthy. • Airworthy means: ▫ the aircrafts have to be maintained as per approved schedule. ▫ The proper records and paper works are maintained ▫ All the required modifications are done. • The aircrafts have been flying regularly. • Works to be done by Qualified Personnel
  2. 2. Qualified Personnels: Aircraft Maintenance Engineers • They are qualified personnel who repair and maintain the aircrafts. • They had undergone an approved training program • They were examined by the authority and carried a current license. • They are practicing their skills continuously.
  3. 3. Nature of Maintenance Works • There are basically four (4) types of work to be done on an aircraft: Number 1 – Testing ▫ Testing is done at regular interval to check the proper operation of a system. ▫ Functional Test - to check for its normal operation. ▫ System test goes deeper to check for the integrity and set up the adjustment. ▫ Test is also carried out to identify the fault caused by unserviceability.
  4. 4. Maintenance Works: Repair • Repair is required when the systems or parts do not operate as they should be. • It can be a simple job such as changing a light bulb. • I can be a major job such as making a structure repair after a minor collision with a ground vehicle. • All repair works have to follow the approved manual or instructions by the aircraft manufacturer.
  5. 5. Aircraft Maintenance Job: Overhaul • When a component reach the determined life, it has to be overhauled to revise its useful life. • It will involve the stripping the components to its smaller parts. • Testing and checking for wear and tear • Replacing life items. • Reassemble and testing • Revision of the service life
  6. 6. Aircraft Maintenance Works: Modification • Modification is required when there is problem with existing design or materials. • It is also done when there is a change to the operation practices. • Modification is required if a better design is identified. • It will require the instruction from the authorities or aircraft manufacturer.
  7. 7. Qualification To Join • GCEs or equivalent • 18 years old or older • Airline will put in higher requirement, for example diploma in engineering related qualifications.
  8. 8. Qualification and Maintenance System • the qualification or licensing system will depending on your country’s civil aviation system. • Some countries still operate on BCAR section L • BCAR system will have 5 qualification groups ▫ Airframe ▫ Engine ▫ Avionics ▫ Electrical ▫ Radio
  9. 9. Different systems • USA is using the FAA system • Europe were using the JAR, which provide the guideline and it had to be implemented by individual countries. • The latest is the EASA .
  10. 10. Classification of Job • The job is technical • The maintenance engineering will do a hand-on job repairing the aircraft • It is not an office or desk job • The works has to be done 24 hours a day, so do expect to work shift. • It can be an open air job repairing the aircraft in the tarmac in the middle of cold winter or hot summer, in the rain or sunshine
  11. 11. RESOURCES • Website: http://pramugari.info • email : mktg@joharahman.com Thank You Joha
  12. 12. RESOURCES • Website: http://pramugari.info • email : mktg@joharahman.com Thank You Joha