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Johannes K.

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Here is my story.

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Johannes K.

  1. 1. Ohannes K. Nikoghossian Manager /Interior Designer Born in 1962 Married with 2 children +9745740465 hovign@hotmail.com
  2. 2. The beginning  Born in a family where art and craftsmanship lies in its roots, I was raised molded by art to the extent that art and I have become one;  With the aim of perfecting my innate talent and to further develop my skills and expertise, I have decided to pursue my education in related fields; graduating from high school Samuel Murad, Paris in 1980, I have also attended ENSBA Paris;  I began my early career as an assistant in the design department of NIHAKO – our family business gaining experience under the Master Joseph Chamichian. As a matter of fact, the business was established with my grand-father Ohannes Nigoghossian, in 1922 as a small wood-carving crafts business. The second generation took over the business and modernized it as of 1964;  My range and skills and noticeable talent helped me become the production manager of the company in 1987.
  3. 3. My career  During war time in 1988-1989, Nihako decided to reduce its scope of work and opted not to engage in considerable projects;  I moved to Greece seeking a new challenge and worked with Greek Architect Maki Makariades as an Interior Designer;  I came back to Beirut in 1990 and was chosen to manage Nihako. Nihako was very successful until 2010; Al-Masri statistics, selected Nihako as one of the 7 best woods manufacturing companies in Lebanon in 1994;  Nihako was also known as a pioneer in shaping the modern hospitality industry through innovative design and effective project management.
  4. 4. My Beliefs  Believing that the learning process never ends and that Art without the endorsement of leadership and managerial skills to build and sustain effective businesses is a necessity, I enrolled in specialized certificates in various topics among which the Certificate in Leadership with GW University, USA;  To me art and management are complementary; acquiring the art of leadership and combining it with talent is what constitutes the required success recipe to run and manage businesses in related industries.
  5. 5. Career Highlights  2013-2014 Dental Polyclinic, Bahrain  Offices - Qatar Cool  2 Villas at Hilal  2 Villas at Gharafa  2 villa west bay  Optic Eye Wear at Hyatt Plaza  Beauty Saloon - Daniel Bejjani Qatar  Several houses, offices, majleses  Al Boustan Hotel Reception and lobby, Qatar  Villa for Mr. Mustafawi - Kfour, Lebanon  Residential Building for Mr. Mustafawi – Adma, Lebanon  2008-2009 Frette, Lebanon and Kuwait  2008 Majles Baladi Qatar - Design with Decorel Group  2006 UPDA - Joint venture with IBA Group Qatar  2006-2007 Mr. Tayib Moustafawi Farm House
  6. 6. Other Projects  1998 Armenian Catholicosate – Bikfaya, Lebanon  1998 Villa Abu Dhabi  1996-1997 Hotel Acropolis – Kaslik, Lebanon  1996 European Heart Center Hospital (Dr. Bashir Sham)- Saida, Lebanon  1995-1996 Garden Tower Hotel – Zalka, Lebanon  1995 Armenian Catholicosate – Antelias, Lebanon  1995 Hotel Cavalier  1994-1995 Hotel Cadmos  1993-1998 Hotel Riviera (Mr. Nizar Alouf), Lebanon  1993 Armenian Prelacy Beirut, Lebanon  1992 Boutique Cerutti  1992 Boutique Stefanel  1991-1992 Marble Tower Hotel (Mr. Muhammad Jammal)  1987 Armenian Catholic Prelacy – Zalka, Lebanon  1983-1988 Several Palaces and Villas – Saudi Arabia and Kuwait
  7. 7. Other Important Information  Languages:  Fluent in Arabic, English, French, and Armenian  Basic Turkish.  Personal Information:  2008-2012 Member of Armenian Committee  2004 – 2005 President of Homenetmen Club, Lebanon (an Armenian organization of sports and scouts for the youth);  1994 – 1998 Board Member of the Wood Manufacturers Syndicate as PR;  1980 – Present: Attended several Interior Design exhibitions in France, Italy, Germany and Dubai.  In contact with International European wood manufacturing companies and designers.